Microscope Accessories

Accessories for microscopes


Eyepiece graticules

Eyepiece graticules

Digital SLR Camera Couplers for Microscopes

M-DSLR-KIT is supplied with 2x adapter for 23mm eyepiece with T mount (42mm) and adapter for 30mm eyepiece (Stereoscopic microscopes) and C mount for 1x C mount. It is also has either a Canon or Nikon T mount bayonet fitting. Note the system is suitable for 24mm x 16mm (APS-C) sensor size or smaller. It […]

‘C’ Mount Couplers for microscopes

The above couplers are all 1x C mount (no lenses) for various manufactures of microscopes. Also available 0.5x for Nikon and Olympus. These often vary within models. Scientific Instruments can also provide couplers with various magnification to suit various CCD sizes, to provide best size of field or required magnification. TS-TCN-OLY Olympus BX models with […]

Fibre optic light sources

Cold light sources and fibre optic light guides
Polarised LED ring light

Special purpose LEDs

Special purpose illumination incl. UV ring lights

Microscope Warm Stages

Scientific Instruments can supply your microscope with a warm stage for embryo work. Please contact us for pricing and more information.                   The LEC 916 stage controller has an independent warm stage on top of the controller to keep your samples at the correct temperature before viewing […]

Microscope Slides prepared

Slides prepared and plain with a range of cover slips are in stock. We stock boxes of 50 slides glass in wooden boxes as set out below ideal for school and general interest. PRICED at  $85.00 ex GST for box of 50 M-PS-3610 Prepared Glass Slide Set of 50 in wooden box M-PS-3610A M-PS-3610B 1 […]


  The M-TCS-1 Warm stage is an inexpensive stage ideal for most microscopes for Biological specimens in order to keep a desired temperature constant for the specimen. It can be fitted to both compound and stereoscopic microscope (with the addition of rubber feet).   1.  Specification   Input: 110V/60HZ or 240V/50HZ, AC  Power:  50W  Temperature […]

About Calibration slides

Slide or stage micrometers

Spare Parts

We stock a large range of spare parts including bulbs for most makes and models of microscopes, objectives, eyepieces and stages for common models. We also have a select range of original Carl Zeiss Jena parts and accessories. Please contact us for more information.

Microscope Bulbs

We have a comprehensive range of bulbs in stock: Please note prices are indication only please ask for quotation for up-to date prices Part Number Description List price ex GST B-0402-943 ZEISS Narva 6v 30w $56.00 B-12345 12v 20w Bulb G4 Base, BI-PIN $7.00 B-13347W Philips 6v 15w lamp $23.00 B-13528PH Philips 6v 15wreflector Lamp […]
cargille labs ri 15800

Certified Refractive Index Oil

We stock Cargille Laboratories Certified Refractive Index Oils. Series B: 1.6700 – in stock 1.6800 – in stock 1.7000 – in stock Series E (High dispersion): 1.5500 – in stock 1.5800 – in stock 1.6050 – in stock 1.6400 – in stock We will gladly order in additional RIs for you. Letters of Conformity can […]
Microscope Illumination

LED ring lights

A cost effective alternative to fibre optic illumination
UV Ring Light

LED UV ring lights

UV ring lights for entomology, metallurgy, and security.

HSE/NPL slide

Phase contrast test and calibration slide.

FSM-IS1 Single LED illuminator

1 LED Fluorescence & Incident Light Module

FSM-IS2 2 band fluorescence illuminator

2 band LED illuminator for fluorescence microscopes

FSM-IS3 3 band LED illuminator

3 band LED module for fluorescence microscopes

FSM-IS5 5 Band LED illuminator

LED light source for fluorescence microscopes

Fluorescence illuminators

Powerful and configurable illumination modules.

FSM-IS9 LED illuminator

9 band LED illuminator for fluorescence microscopes


Ring lights, fibre optic lights, fluorescence modules.
cargille labs ri 15800


Refractive index oils, bulbs

Products for Naturopaths

Microscopes & accessories for Naturopaths Everything for Naturopaths Please contact us for pricing. Consumables Microscopes Cameras Service and Support Contact us Consumables for Naturopaths Microscopes slides Good quality slides Plain Single sided frosted Double sided frosted Available for online purchase very soon! Coverslips Made in Germany Great quality coverslips from Marienfeld. 22 ⨉ 22mm 22 […]

Other slide micrometers

Contact us for information on our other slide micrometers and calibration slides.
Calibration Slides

Multi-Scale Calibration Slide

A quality calibration slide with four useful scales.

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