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Our showroom is closed.

We have closed our showroom due to SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19).

Blog: DIY Camera Streaming

Low cost video streaming of microscope images.

Use one of our recent cameras and a Raspberry Pi to stream video to your class.

Proud Supporters of CWH

Sponsoring Currumbin Wildlife Hospital

In January, SIOS, through our Prism Optical brand, became sponsors of the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

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  • Nexcope Research Microscope

    Clinical & Research Microscopes

    NE900 Series Research Microscope with Ergo Tilt Head

    Big brand performance,
    5 year warranty with local spare parts,
    Excellent value for money.

    Ideal for pathology and research.

  • Prism Optical Pro CX40P

    Prism Optical Pro CX40P

    Professional Polarised Light Microscope

    Uncompromised performance,
    Superior optics,
    Built for industry.

    Ideal  for Petrography.

  • SZN71 Stereomicroscope

    Prism Optical SZN71

    Great value stereomicroscope (Zoom 7 - 45x)

    Improved optics,
    Longer working distance,
    Click-stop zoom for repeatable measurements.

    Ideal for inspection and assembly work.


Industry Solutions

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Warranty & Support

Prism Optical microscopes come with a 3 year warranty covering defective parts and workmanship.

Learn more about our warranty policy.

Microscope Service and Repairs

Optical Repairs is our authorised service partner for all of your microscope repair, preventative maintenance, and servicing needs. Fully qualified and recognised for NATA and quality system compliance.

This agreement lets us service, maintain, and repair all brands and type of microscopes, binoculars, telescopes, and other optical instruments.

We strongly recommend a preventative maintenance plan for all microscopes. A PM service every 2 years will ensure the longest possible life for your instrument.

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Spectrophotometer Cells & Cuvettes

We proudly import UK-made Lightpath Optical cuvettes.

  • Most types available in Optical glass, Quartz (UV), or Spectrosil (Infrared),
  • Available in singles, matched sets of two, matched sets of four.
  • Speciality and hard-to-find models can be sourced.


  • Electrophoresis
  • Weather Stations
  • Meteorological

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  • Slides and Coverslips
  • Refractive & Immersion Oil
  • Light bulbs

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Outdoor and Tools


  • Baseplate Navigation
  • Sighting Navigation
  • Military Navigation
  • Navigation Accessories

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Field Tools

  • Knives
  • Multitools
  • Axes
  • Other Tools

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  • Race compasses
  • Markers, Cards & Punches
  • Books
  • Compass and Map Cases

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