FSM-IS2 2 band fluorescence illuminator

2 band LED illuminator for fluorescence microscopes

The FSM-IS2 is an excellent and affordable upgrade or replacement for old mercury vapour illumination systems. These are suitable for use with most microscope brands and are excellent quality.

Key features

  • Bright and even lighting,
  • 40W LED with instant on and minimal cool down time,
  • At least 4⨉ the bulb life of mercury bulbs (minimum 20,000 hours), and
  • High CRI white illumination.

Other features

  • Optimised thermal management system with passive cooling and fan,
  • Adjustable collimator, and
  • Fits most microscopes including Prism Optical, Leica, Nikon, Olympus & Zeiss.


The FSM-IS2 is available for pre-order. It is available in Blue/ Green, Blue / Violet, or Green / Violet options.

List price: $2,500
Pre-order price: $1,950

An adaptor for your microscope is usually $125, but is included in your pre-order.

Prices exclude GST and shipping.

Technical Information

LED options

Option Band 1 Band 2
BG Blue (450 – 490) Green (505 – 545)
BV Blue (450 – 490) Violet (380 – 420)
GV Green (505 – 545) Violet (380 – 420)

B & G bands spectrum

Technical specifications

Wavelength range See above
Channel B Peak 471nm
Channel G Peak 562nm
Channel V Peak 405nm
Intensity controller Variable potentiometer
IO connector PS/2
IO protocols RS-232 and TTL
Power supply 12VDC from 110-240VAC
Maximum power 40W
Stand by power 0.5W
Cooling Passive heatsink with fan
Physical dimensions – lamp housing 156 ⨉ 95 ⨉ 84mm
Physical dimensions – control box 133 ⨉ 90 ⨉ 47mm
Total weight 1.5kg

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