Microscope Slides prepared

Slides prepared and plain with a range of cover slips are in stock.

We stock boxes of 50 slides glass in wooden boxes as set out below ideal for school and general interest.

PRICED at  $85.00 ex GST for box of 50

slide box 50

M-PS-3610 Prepared Glass Slide Set of 50 in wooden box



1 Pine Leaf (cross section) 1 Ascarid Egg, w.m.
2 Zea Stem (longitudinal section) 2 Aspergillus, w.m.
3 Leaf of Winter Jasmine (cross section) 3 Cabbage (Hydrilla Verticillata), l.s.
4 Coprimus Mushroom Set (cross section) 4 Coprinus Mushroom Set, c.s.
5 Sunflower Stem (cross section) 5 Cotton Stem, c.s.
6 Young Root of Broad Bean (cross section) 6 Cucurbita Stem, l.s.
7 Penicillium (whole mount) 7 Dandelion Fuzz, w.m.
8 Onion Epidermis (whole mount) 8 Dense Connective Tissue, sec.
9 Tilia Stem (cross section) 9 Dog Cardiac Muscle, l.s.
10 Cucurbita Stem (longitudinal section) 10 Dog Esophagus, c.s.
11 Pumpkin Stem (cross section) 11 Dog Skeletal Muscle, l.s. & c.s.
12 Lillium Ovary (cross section) 12 Dog Small Intestine, sec
13 Lillium Anther (cross section) 13 Dog Smooth Muscle, l.s. & c.s.
14 Stomata-Vicia Faba Leaf (whole mount) 14 Dog Squamous Epitheblium, w.m.
15 Zea Stem (cross section) 15 Dog Stomach, sec.
16 Teminal Bud Stem Tip (longitudinal section) 16 Earthworm, c.s.
17 Aspergillus (whole mount) 17 Honeybee Leg, w.m.
18 Nymphaea of Apustio Stem (cross section) 18 Honeybee Mouth Parts, w.m.
19 Nymphaea (Spongy Tissue) (cross section) 19 Honeybee Wings, w.m.
20 Dandelion Fuzz (whole mount) 20 Housefly Mouth Parts, w.m.
21 Hydrilla Verticillata Leaf (whole mount) 21 Human Blood, smear
22 Pine Stem (cross section) 22 Hydra, l.s
23 Cotton Stem (cross section) 23 Hydrilla Verticillata Leaf, w.m.
24 Silver Berry Scaly Hair (whole mount) 24 Leaf of Winter Jasmine, c.s.
25 Paddy Pollen (whole mount) 25 Lillium Anther, c.s.
26 Dog Squamous Epithelium (whole mount) 26 Lillium Ovary, c.s.
27 Dog Esophagus (cross section) 27 Locust Wing, w.m.
28 Rabbit Lymph Node (section) 28 Loose Connective Tissue, w.m.
29 Human Blood (smear) 29 Mantis Wing, w.m.
30 Dog Skeletal, Muscle (longitudinal section & cross section) 30 Nymphasa (Spongy Tissue), c.s.
31 Pig Motor Nerve (whole mount) 31 Nymphasa Apustio Stem, c.s.
32 Dog Small Intestine (section) 32 Onion Epidermis, w.m.
33 Rabbit Spinal Cord (cross section) 33 Penicillium, w.m.
34 Rabbit Testis (section) 34 Pig Motor Nerve, w.m.
35 Loose Connective Tissue (section) 35 Pine Leaf, c.s.
36 Dog Cardiac Muscle (longitudinal section) 36 Pine Pollen, w.m.
37 Ascrid Egg (whole mount) 37 Pine Stem, c.s.
38 Rabbit Hyaline Cartilage (section) 38 Pumpkin Stem, c.s.
39 Dense Connective Tissue (section) 39 Rabbit Artery and Vein, c.s.
40 Honeybee Mouth Parts (whole mount) 40 Rabbit Hyaline Cartilage, sec.
41 Honeybee Worker Leg-Composite (whole mount) 41 Rabbit Lympy Node, sec.
42 Hydra (longitudinal section) 42 Rabbit Testis, sec.
43 Drosophila-Female (whole mount) 43 Stomata-Vicia Faba Leaf, w.m.
44 Honeybee Leg (whole mount) 44 Sunflower Stem, c.s.
45 Honeybee Wings (whole mount) 45 Tilia Stem, c.s.
46 Rabbit Artery and Vein (cross section) 46 Wool Sheep, w.m.
47 Housefly Mouth Parts (whole mount) 47 Rabbit Spinal Cord, c.s.
48 Dog Stomach (section) 48 Young Root of Broad Bean, c.s.
49 Dog Smooth Muscle (longitudinal section & cross section) 49 Zea Stem, c.s.
50 Drosophila-Male (whole mount) 50 Zea Stem, l.s.


Download pdf of prepared slides sets of 50 :Prepared Slides M-PS-3610.pdf




















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