Educational microscopes

This Monocular is very robust rechargeable Microscope.

an inexpensive mechanical stage is attachable

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M100FLED Student Compound Microscope

Binocular student microscope with mechanical stage.

E3 Senior Student Microscope

A small format and capable compound microscope that is ideal for senior students.

E5 Biological microscope

E5 Biological Microscope

The E5-T is a versatile  Biological Microscope that is ideal for both classroom or laboratory as a teaching microscope with addition of Camera systems. With or without on board display. Large range of cameras,USB,WiFi, LAN, HDMI.

Stereoscopic/Dissecting Microscope


SMZ7045 Zoom stereoscopic Microscope

The smz7045 Zoom stereo is ideal for mounting of Cameras ,USB, HDMI, Wifi for teaching purposes.

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SMZ7045 Zoom Stereo

 USB eyepiece cameras

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