Microscopes by Use

 Laboratory EX33, CX40

Research RX50

Veterinary Microscopes for Veterinary Practice

Pathology  Pathology Microscopes

Oil Testing Microscopes for Oil Patch Testing

Industrial Industrial microscopes

Industrial Inspection Zoom Systems Zoom tube Monocular

Metallurgical Microscopes: Metallurgical Microscopes

Dark Field Dark Field Microscopes for Naturopaths

Asbestos Phase Contrast: EX30 Phase Contrast

Asbestos Polarizing: BH200Pol

Geology: Incident and Transmitted Polarizing  CX40P

Near Infrared Microscope:  MX-NIR

Inspection/Measurement DSMZ7 Digital Inspection Microscope / TMetricsC20

Stereo/Dissecting Microscope: Stereoscopic Microscopes

Gemmological Zoom stereo-microscope: Gemmological Microscope

Macro Imager: _AFDM411-SYS


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