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Consumables for Naturopaths

  • Microscopes slides

    Good quality slides

    Available for online purchase very soon!

  • Coverslips

    Made in Germany

    Great quality coverslips from Marienfeld.

    Specialty and clinical coverslips are also available.

    • Alcohol wipes
    • Kimtex
    • Lens tissues
    • other consumables
    • A one stop shop
  • High quality immersion oil

    Life is easier with better quality oil

    We have sourced a high quality immersion oil for general purpose and for darkfield use. This is amazing value for money.

    Available for online purchase very soon!

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Microscopes for Naturopaths


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  • Prism Optical Pro CX40

    Professional quality for high volume clinics

    The Prism Optical Pro CX40 is a complete and high quality microscope offering all of the features that you need.

    Compared to other instruments of this quality and capability, this is an excellent valued microscope.

    Bright and Darkfield upto 100⨉ with oil.

    Optional phase contrast available.

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Cameras for Naturopaths

  • Affordable camera upgrades

    Cheaper than you think, better than you have

    Many of the Naturopaths that we see are still using the original Watec PAL composite video cameras. Unfortunately, they can’t be used with modern screens with out a frame grabber or converter.

    While these are very well engineered cameras, sensors technology has rapidly progressed, especially in the last three to five years.

    We have excellent options that can connect directly to your computer or a high resolution screen.

  • USB3 cameras

    Fast, high quality and affordable

    If you are comfortable using your computer to capture and annotate images, USB3 cameras offer excellent value.

    They also offer the simplest ways of saving images to client databases. Using a second monitor is an easy and affordable way to have a screen for your client.

    Entry-level options (1 year warranty)
    Advanced cameras (2 year warranty)

  • HDMI Cameras

    Easiest way to show images

    There are lots of advantages using a standalone camera that can directly connect to a large display. They are fast, have great picture quality, and minimise the amount of equipment that is needed.

    Images can still be saved to SD card and some models can also be used when connected to a computer.

    Affordable HDMI cameras
    HDMI with WIFI
    High quality HDMI cameras with measurement

  • 4K HDMI and USB3 Cameras

    The best of both worlds

    The new Truechrome 4K Pro is an amazing camera. Every other camera needs to make a compromise between high resolution, and the ability to connect to a screen.

    This model connects, simulataneously, to a computer via USB3, a screen via HDMI, and a network via gigabit ethernet. Images can also be saved to SD Card.

    Images are captured at 8MP and video at a full 4K resolution. This really is two cameras for the price of one.

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