M-TCS-1 heated stage

The M-TCS-1 Warm stage is an inexpensive stage ideal for most microscopes for Biological specimens in order to keep a desired temperature constant for the specimen.

It can be fitted to both compound and stereoscopic microscope (with the addition of rubber feet).


1.  Specification

  •   Input: 110V/60HZ or 240V/50HZ, AC
  •  Power:  50W
  •  Temperature controlling range: 50C(> room temperature) to 50C
  •   Temperature setting division: 1C
  •  Temperature displaying division: 0.1C
  •   Various between setting and displaying temperature: <+/-1C
  •  Various between actual stage temperature and displaying temperature: <+/-1C


2.  Standard outfit

  •  Temperature Controller: 2 LED digital display screens and two touching buttons for adjusting temperature, ON/OFF switch at the rear
  • Temperature controlled stage: built-in heater and heat sensor with the size of 150mm x 130mm x 5.8mm
  •   Electric cord: 1pc
  •   Adhesive tape:  1 roll
  •  Spare fuse: 2 pcs


M-TCS-1 Warm Stage for microscopes

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