Multi-Scale Calibration Slide

Multi-Scale Calibration Slide

A quality calibration slide with four useful scales.

This multi-scale calibration slide is our most useful slide for general microscopy. It has it has four different scales for calibrating and confirming accurate measurement for all levels of magnification.

The reflective markings are accurate, and resistant to immersion oil and most standard cleaning solvents.

Since the markings are reflective, these slides are suitable for most illumination types including transmitted, reflected, and oblique.

The scales

Scale 1 – Standard Micrometer

10mm in 0.1mm divisions

The first pattern is a standard micrometer.

It is 10mm long and has 0.1mm divisions with the 0.5mm and 1.0mm marked.

Each 1.0mm increment is also numbered.

Scale 2 – Grid with Micrometer

1mm in 0.01mm divisions

This pattern is useful for calibrating higher magnification objectives, checking horizontal & vertical measurements, and ensuring that images have correct square pixels.

The 0.05mm and 0.1mm divisions are marked.

Scale 3 – Large dot

0.15mm diameter dot

The third scale is a 0.15mm dot.

Is it useful for very quickly checking that calibrations are accurate.

Scale 4 – Small dot

0.07mm diameter dot

This is a 0.07mm dot.

Used for the same checking process as the large dot, but at higher magnifications.

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