Binocular Microscope with mechanical stage and rechargeable variable illumination.

Eyepieces WF 10x

Objectives 4x,10x,40x

Special Price  $350.00 ex GST

only while stock lasts








Monocular microscope with simple stage with stage clips

Rechargeable LED variable illumination

Eyepiece WF 10x

Objectives achromatic 4x,10x,40x,100x

Special Price $360.00 ex GST

While stocks last




Nexcope 910 research microscope

Nexcope 910 research microscope with glass stage and ergonomic tilting trinocular head.
This has done only a few demonstrations and selling at greatly reduced price.
The original packaging has been misplaced. So it is preferred to be picked up at store in Brisbane.
Note can be packed and shipped if required.

M-NE900-TT-LED Trinocular research Microscope with Plan achromatic Objectives
4x,10x,20x,40x,100x, with Glass stage etc $3,600.00 ex GST
M-NE900-0.5x CTV   C mount for ½” cameras $280.00 ex GST                          
M-NE900-1.0x CTV  C mount for 1’-3/4” cameras $89.00 ex GST                      Sold

Phase Contrast Kit:

Phase contrast condenser and Slides for PL10x,PL20x,PL40x,PL100x     $1,200.00 ex GST


Carl Zeiss Jena parts.

We have a range of Carl Zeiss Jena objectives etc to suit Jenamed and Jenaval Microscopes.

Please contact us for details:

Carl Zeiss Jena List

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