ST30 Student Stereomicroscope

ST30R Student Stereoscopic Microscope

An ideal student and hobbyist stereomicroscope

The ST30R-2LED has been made with schools in mind. Easy to use and maintain, capable and cost-effective, this is a very versatile entry stereo microscope.

It features reflected and transmitted light sources (top and bottom respectively) powered by replaceable rechargeable batteries and a low voltage power source. The two magnification levels, 2× and 4× and the standard 10× wide field eyepieces with rubber eye caps, provides surprising clear and high contrast images for a unit of this price.

Product images

360 product view

Dual LED lights

Illumination from above and below.

Safe low voltage, rechargeable

6VDC to charge 4⨉ AA NiMH battery.

Powerful magnification

2⨉ and 4⨉ objectives and 10⨉ eyepieces.


Interchangeable ground glass or black/white contrast discs, and specimen holders.

Configurable with options

15⨉ & 20⨉ eyepieces, tool post holder, and dark field.

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