E5 Biological microscope

E5 Biological Microscope

The Prism Optical E5 is a serious microscope in a small frame. Equally at home in Universities, Senior School labs and Veterinary Clinics, this microscope is versatile, simple, and has great optics.
Ideal for mounting of cameras for teaching purposes. SIOS stock a range of cameras
USB, HDMI,(with screens if required), WiFi
  • Key features

    • 4×, 10×, 40×, 100× oil objectives,
    • 10x FN18mm wide-field eyepieces,
    • Rechargeable with low voltage power supply.
    • 3W LED illumination, and
    • Coaxial coarse and fine focus control.
  • Configuration Options

    • Binocular,
    • Trinocular, and
    • Trinocular with Plan Objectives.

    Non-rechargeable versions available by special order.

  • More information

    Three year warranty
    Ideal for Light to moderate use (Vets, Teaching)
    Also consider the EX30

    Contact us for a quote!

  • High quality plan and plan achromat objectives
  • Bright and cool 3w LED illumination
  • Safe low voltage power supply
  • E5 Trinocular
  • E5 Binocular

Technical information

Technical specifications

Name E5 Binocular E5 Trinocular
Description E5 Biological Microscope – Binocular Achromat 4× 10× 40× 100× oil E5 Biological Microscope – Trinocular Achromat 4× 10× 40× 100× oil
Viewing Head 30° inclined binocular / Right eye diopter (±5) / Interpupillary Distance: 50 — 75 mm 30° inclined trinocular / Right eye diopter (±5) / Interpupillary Distance: 50 — 75 mm
Trinocular Port No Fixed 80:20
Optical System DIN160
Eyepieces 2× WF10× FN18
Objectives Achromatic 4× 10× 40× (spring) 100× (oil, spring) (Plan achromat optional)
Stage Dual layer 132 × 140mm / Range 50 × 76mm
Focus Coaxial coarse and fine focus / Coarse range: 25mm / Fine precision: 0.002mm
Condenser NA 1.25 Abbe condenser with filter holder and iris diaphragm
Illumination Adjustable 3W LED
Power Supply 6VDC 2A from 110—240VAC power supply
Rechargeable Standard with 4x AA NiMH batteries
Cover Yes
Dark Field No
Polarised Light Simple (optional)

Physical specifications

System diagram

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