Biological microscopes


E5 Biological microscope

E5 Biological Microscope

A versatile small biological microscope


EX30 Biological Microscope

Affordable Quality Imaging

The EX30 is our workhorse clinical microscope. It features a rugged designed and high grade optics for professional clinical or field microscopy.

Several phase contrast, fluorescence, darkfield and camera options are available to make this a very versatile and good value microscope.

Key Features:

Wide and flat images from 10×/22mm eyepieces,
4×, 10×, 20×, 40×, and 100× …


Nexcope NE620 Biological Microscope

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The Nexcope NE620 compound microscope is an excellent quality workhorse microscope. It offers very high optical performance in at a very affordable price.

Clever Ergonomic Features

Automatic Brightness Switching
One of the stand out features of the NE620 is the automatic brightness control. When the operator changes objectives, the intelligent …


Nexcope NE900 Clinical Microscope

The NE900 series is our best microscope for professional pathology, research and clinical use. Thoughtfully designed and robustly engineered, the NE900 series is set to maximise return on investment, efficient work flows and operator comfort.

In the recommended configuration, the NE900 series has an ergo tilting (0° to 35°) trinocular head with a 3 position beam …



CX40M Metallurgical Microscope

Professional Metallurgical Microscope

The Prism Optical Pro CX40M is a high quality upright metallurgical microscope ideal for high frequency and long session use. Optically superb, with reflected and transmitted illumination, and high-quality long working distance infinity plan achromat objectives, this is a professional instrument ideal for the demands of industry.

5 year warranty on defective parts and …


CX40P Polarised Light Microscope

The Prism Optical Pro CX40P is a high quality upright polarised light microscope suited for regular professional analysis. The new CX40 frame is matched with excellent optics and fine engineering. This is a configurable platform, with several destressed plan objectives options (long work distance metallurgical or standard).



Viewing Head
30°inclined gemel trinocular head, interpupillary distance: 54mm~75mm, …


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