Standard Eyepiece Cameras

Great Value Eyepiece Cameras

Eyepiece cameras are a great entry way into digital microscopy and are suitable for use with any microscope including student models. These cameras are placed in the eyepiece tube and connected to a PC for image analysis and manipulation.

Importantly, these eyepiece cameras include a 0.5x reducing lens to provide a wider field of view and better image quality. Other eyepiece cameras that do not have this reduction lens will show a more cropped image (less wide field of view). all metal construction glass lenses.

SKU Sensor Frame Rate and Resolution Connection Type Optical Attachment Notes
TP-SP505 5MP 1/2.5″ CMOS 26.5 f/sec@2592×1944

USB2.0 23mm
23 to 30mm and 23 to 30.5mm converters available
Has a 0.5x reducing lens built in.



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