Spectrophotometer Cells / Cuvettes

Scientific Instruments has a large range of Spectrophotometer cells available.

The most common type used is the Type 1 G 10 this is the standard type cell in glass.

Material Code Wavelength Usual spectral range of application
Optical Glass G 334 to 2300nm Visible light
Infrasil Quartz I 220 to 3800nm Near Infrared
Spectrosil Quartz Q 170to 2600nm UV region

If you are measuring below 350nm then a Quartz cell is required for the light to

transmit through the specimen. I.e. Type 1 Q 10.

Matched sets of cells can be ordered normally 2 or 4.

We can also supply Demountable Cells & Micro Flow Cells for your specific type of work.

Please download this Spectrophotometer cells / cuvettes specifications PDF and contact us for delivery and pricing.

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