Laboratory Thermometers

305mm long Red Spirit filling or Mercury
Range -10ºC/+110°C

(Other temp rangers and accuracies are available)

Code:  ZL-L0109C/10 – Mercury

Code: ZL-0131/C – Red Spirit


HydrometersA range of specific gravity hydrometers available for various applications.

Whirling Pattern Psychrometer230mm x 50mm. Robust yellow plastic frame with folding handle. Plastic water cistern.  Both Mercury and Red spirit (replaceable) tubes. Supplied with hygrometric tables & spare wick. -5° to +50°C availableCode: P2520 – Mercury 

Code: P2528 – Red Spirit  Special price $90.00 ex GST

Code: P2524 – Carry Case

Spare thermometers in stock

Masons Hanging Pattern320mm x 80mm. Quality polypropylene plastic case with lid and bulb protectors.Detachable plastic water cistern. Red Spirit filled tubes mounted on metal scale.Supplied with hygrometric tables, spare wick and mounting screws.

Range: -5/50°C

Code: P2505 

Maximum/Minimum ThermometerPush button maximum/minimum registering thermometer. Wall mounting housed in plastic case with instructions for use.
Range  -40° to +50°C




ZEAL have a 120 year history of manufacturing and supplying thermometers, from general purpose to disposable thermometers, hydrometers, hygrometers, flowmeters and pressure gauges/recorders to Medical, Scientific, Industrial and Research Institutions.


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