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Orienteering and Outdoor Education

Explore the wonderful world of nature and get close to it. Orienteering is a program of outdoor education using map and compass. Map and compass skills can be further enjoyed through competitive Orienteering.

SO-5500030Control Marker-Official Size 30cm x 30cm

International colours, weatherproof colours

pkts of 10

SO-5500015Control Marker-School 15x15cm pkts of 10

Restricted area size. Ideal for schoolgrounds or parklands.

SO-EQ05A sheet of 25 small adhesive peel-off markers. 50mm x 40mm. Ideal for school grounds.

SO-EQ04Plastic Tree Marker 10cm x 10cm pkts of 10

Long lasting 2D PVC markers for fixing on trees, fences etc and for use as markers on permanent course.

SO-550304320Control Punches, sets available in Set A and B. International standard pin punches.

Ten different  codes per set of 10 punches. Packed in sets of 10

SO-EQ07Control Cards, special 2 section competition cards.

100 cards per pack.

SO-55102360Large 36 x 25cm Compass white base plate

SO-55101360Class Instruction Compass

15 x 23cm, clear for overhead projector.

ORIENTEERING Books and Manuals

SO-BK3 – Your Way Map & Compass Student Manual.Classic publication that has been a great success in Australian Schools for many years. Used for Primary & Secondary levels.

Includes numerous games and exercises and colour topographic map

SO-BK6 – Elementary Orienteering Instructors Handbook.Book has been written for the Australian Level O Orienteering Coaching Course and approved by the Orienteering Federation of Australia as the official text for the Level O Course.

A 12 session program with step-by-step preparation guideline for the Teacher.

SO-LP1 –Lesson Plans – Orienteering.A compilation of over 60 lesson plans, games and exercises  for enhancing the teaching and reinforcement of orienteering in both Primary & Secondary schools.


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