CX40 with Oil Dark Field Condensor

CX40-DFO Clinical Microscope with Oil Dark Field

The Prism Optical Pro CX40-DFO is a professional clinical dark-field microscope. It features high quality components and delivers optical and mechanical performance normally only found in much more expensive instruments.

  • Effective and ergonomic

    The large Y shaped frame provides stability, while the low position controls give first-class ergonomics. This combination ensures speedy workflows, without sacrificing operator comfort.

  • High resolution 100⨉ dark field optics

    Featuring a high-quality dark-field oil condenser, and a plan infinity 100⨉ oil immersion objective with an iris, this microscopes will provide excellent, high contrast images.

    The CX40 also includes a widefield plan 10⨉ eyepiece for 1000⨉ total magnification.

  • Excellent image and video capture

    Capturing quality dark-field video is challenging, but we have matched several great USB3 camera options that are fast enough to display high-resolution with good frame rates on a laptop. We also have good options for display directly on a stand-alone screen, bypassing a PC completely.

System prices and options

  • Special DFO Bundle

    A special price when purchased as a package

    The CX40-DFO package starts with:

    • Prism Optical Pro CX40 clinical microscope,
    • Dark field condenser – oil,
    • 100⨉ oil immersion infinity plan objective with iris,
    • High power LED illumination,
    • Michrome 6 USB3 camera with correctly matched c-mount adapter,
    • 3 year microscope warranty,
    • 2 year camera warranty, and
    • pre-assembled, aligned, & ready to go.

     Total system (microscope and camera) price: Please ask for quote

  • Upgrade options

    Enhance your microscope

    • HDMI cameras
      • HD Lite HDMI camera ), or
      • Truechrome 4KPro USB3 & HDMI camera


Prism Optical Pro CX40-DFO


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