TrueChrome 4K Pro

The best of both worlds

Uncompromised USB3 camera, with very high quality 4K HDMI output

In the past, HDMI cameras prioritised being used in stand alone mode, and only the USB cameras offered the advanced imaging techniques. The TrueChrome 4K Pro combines the advantages of both connections: fast and clear 4K video over HDMI, and high quality 8MP images over USB3 that can use all of the features in powerful PC-based image capture software.

The benefits of 4K

Smaller pixels, clearer images

The Sony IMX183C is a very high quality 20MP 4K sensor, running in a fast and high quality 8MP mode. While it is a large 1” sensor, the individual pixels are smaller, and better matched to the maximum optical resolution of common objectives. This results in a sensor that has excellent light gathering capabilities, and very clear, high resolution images.

Powerful image processor

Fast 30FPS video, precise image rendering

Tucsen have a reputation for developing great image signal processors, and the new used in this camera is no exception. The ISP used in the TrueChrome 4K Pro is designed to produce an accurate, precise, and clear low latency image at 30 frames per second.

Improved embedded software

User-focused improvements

Based on user feedback, and a solid understanding of common operating techniques, the built-in software has been improved to speed up workflows and simplify operation.

Advanced PC and Mac image capture software

Featuring advanced computational imaging

Tucsen’s Mosiac v2 imag capture software is simple to use while also offering powerful, professional features:

All of the advantages of computational imaging

A truly multi-purpose camera

The TrueChrome 4K Pro offers all of the imaging features expected of a mid-tier, dedicated USB3 camera.

  • Live stitching
    Like the panorama feature in our mobile phones, the live stitching feature joins captured images in the X and Y planes. Simply move the mechanical stage, and Mosaic V2 automatically joins the image live.
  • Extended depth of field (EDF)
    EDF joins the image in the Z plane. By adjusting the focus all the way through the specimen, Mosaic automatically joins the in-focus part of the image. This is a fast, easy, and cost effective replacement to z-stacking hardware.
  • High dynamic range (HDR)
    HDR images can be captured by adjusting the image exposure. This joins otherwise under and overexposed image parts to produce an image with excellent overall detail.

Multiple simultaneous output

USB3, Ethernet, HDMI outputs

Versatility is built into every feature. The USB3 port can be used for computer control or as a USB drive, while also displaying the image over HDMI.

Gigabit Ethernet allows remote operation or even multi-client streaming. With a little work, this camera can be used as a webcam, either standalone for viewing on multiple clients, or via a PC if audio needs to be overlaid.

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