Microscopes by Use

ST30 Student Stereomicroscope

ST30R-2LED Student Stereoscopic Microscope

An ideal student and hobbyist stereomicroscope

MDS inverted Metallurgical

The MDS is a Trinocular inverted microscope for examination of metallurgical specimens Specification chart: ● = standard components ○ = accessories Items Specification MDS Eyepieces WF10×/Φ18 ●● WF10×/Φ20 ○○ WF12.5×/Φ14 ●● WF16×/Φ13 ○○ Huygenian Ocular 5×/Φ20 ○○ WF10×/Φ18 (Reticule) ● Plan Achromatic Objectives Plan 2.5×/0.07 ○ Plan 4×/0.10 ○ Plan 10×/0.25 ● Plan 20×/0.35(S) ● […]

M100FLED Student Microscope

A simple and robust way to help students explore

Metallurgical Microscopes


MXFMS Metalurgical Incident light Microscope

A very versatile metallurgical microscope with LWD objectives and BF, DF, DIC, PLM options.

BH200M – Incident Light Microscope

An affordable metallurgical microscope with polarised light, long working distance objectives and incident light.

Polarized Light Microscopes

Nexcope NE900 Clinical Microscope

A professional pathology, research and clinical microscope.

EX30 Biological Microscope

The EX30 is our workhorse biological microscope.
E5 Biological microscope

E5 Biological Microscope

A versatile small biological microscope.

Cargille Certified Refractive Index Oils

We stock a small range of Cargille Certified refractive index oils, and will gladly order-in whatever you need. Usually kept on hand: CL-RI-1.550 – Cargille Labs Certified Refractive Index Oil, Series E HD, nD=1.550, 7cc CL-RI-1.670 – Cargille Labs Certified Refractive Index Oil, Series B, nD=1.670,7cc CL-RI-1.700 – Cargille Labs Certified Refractive Index Oil, Series […]
E3 Student microscope

E3 Senior Student Microscope

A small format and capable compound microscope that is ideal for senior students.

Microscopes for Education

We have an excellent range of upright and stereomicroscopes for schools, students, and teacher. Designed to be simple, safe, and robust, SIOS has the best range for modern classrooms. SIOS also has a complete range of camera and imaging options suitable for both students and presentation. Junior Student Microscopes The M100 is a solid and […]

Phase Contrast Microscope for Asbestos Fibre Counting

Affordable, reliable and easy to use. The Prism Optical EX30 is the ideal microscope for asbestos fibre counting. Combined with 10× and 40× phase contrast objectives and condenser sliders, a G22 Walton & Beckett graticule, and an HSE/NPL slide, this instrument offers a wide and clear field of view for extended use. We’ve specified these […]

Microscopes for Oil Patch Testing

Microscopes for Oil Patch Testing Pseudo Incident Light Microscope Advantages Portable Light weight In expensive Disadvantages Off centre light source can cast shadows More components More fiddly Standard configuration Our E5 microscope is the standard microscope base for this application. We add a multi-port USB power supply to power two LED light sources on goosenecks. […]

BH200P – Asbestos Identification

An affordable polarised light microscope ideal for Asbestos Identification and entry-level petrography.

Stereomicroscopes for Asbestos Sample Preparation

Cost effective Stereomicroscopes for sample preparation We have a range of stereomicroscopes to suit most needs and budgets. SMZ0745 – great value, good performance (0.45x – 7x objectives; 10x/20mm, 15x/16mm, 20x/12mm eyepieces) SZN71 – better optical performance and engineering (0.45x – 7x objectives with discrete steps; 10x/22mm, 15x/16mm, 20x/12.5mm) Please note: some protocols need a […]

Microscopes for Veterinary Practice

General Practice & Small Animals The Prism Optical E5 is an excellent value for money microscope for bright-field microscopy. Designed for regular to frequent use, the optical and mechanical quality of this instrument is very good. E5 are rechargeable so can be used in the field. Practices that need more advanced contrast techniques or use […]

CX40M Metallurgical Microscope

Professional Metallurgical Microscope.

CX40P Polarised Light Microscope

A professional polarised light microscope for even the most demanding applications.

Microscopes for Pathology

Nexcope is a new microscope manufacturer that has its eyes set on disrupting the professional microscope markets. They have recently introduced a number of instruments that will offer significant savings for Pathology providers with no optical or ergonomic compromises. The NE900 series compound microscope is an affordable and versatile high grade clinical microscope, and the […]

Nexcope Slide Scanner

The Best Value Automated Slide Scanner in Australia The Nexcope Slide Scanner is amazing value. It meets or exceeds the recommendations of the the Royal Australian College of Pathologists for a fraction of the price of the competition. Key features: 5 Slide capacity 20x and 40x magnification with a Plan Apochromat objective (NA 0.75) 40 […]
ICX41M inverted metallurgical microscope

ICX41M Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

Multifunctional and easy to use inverted metallurgical microscope
Prism Optical CX40 Laboratory Microscope

Prism Optical Pro CX40

Laboratory biological microscope

Dark Field Microscopes for Naturopaths

High quality options for all types of practice.

EX30-DF Biological Microscope

Affordable, oil-free dark-field (up to 40⨉)

Nexcope NE900-DFO series

Research class upright microscope with Oil Dark Field condenser.
CX40 with Oil Dark Field Condensor

CX40-DFO Clinical Microscope with Oil Dark Field

Upright Clinical Microscope with Oil Dark Field Condenser
Prism Optical RX50

RX50 Upright microscope with DIC and Fluorescence

High quality and affordable DIC for research and clinical applications.

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