Microscopes for Veterinary Practice

General Practice & Small Animals



The Prism Optical E5 is an excellent value for money microscope for bright-field microscopy. Designed for regular to frequent use, the optical and mechanical quality of this instrument is very good. E5R are rechargeable so can be used in the field.

Practices that need more advanced contrast techniques or use their microscopes more frequently might benefit from better optics and larger frame of the Prism Optical EX30 model. or NEW Prism Optical EX33

Note both EX30R and EX33 are now rechargeable for use in the field. EX33 is powered from USB Power pack.

Both EX30 and EX33 can be equiped with Phase Contrast,Dark Field and Polarization.

Specialist & Hospitals

We have a range of more capable microscopes that are better suited for the more frequent use or for long periods of use. The Prism Optical EX30 model offers a wide and flat image in a larger form factor for improved operator comfort.

The Prism Optical CX40 are clinical grade microscopes designed for frequent use and are an excellent choice for veterinary pathology labs.

Field Practice & Animal Reproduction

Field practice is challenging on both the practitioner and their equipment – being frequently moved, usually in dusty environments, it’s close to what you shouldn’t do to a microscope.

Our microscopes, when maintained in a more assertive manner, are more than up to the task. We have Prism Optical E5 and EX30s in regular use in the field.

For Bright-field microscopy, the rechargeable versions of the Prism Optical E5 is a solid choice. Where phase contrast, with and without warm stages is needed, the Prism Optical EX30 and Prism Optical EX33 excel.


SZN71 Stereomicroscope
SZN71 Stereomicroscope

In addition to the biological compound microscopes, Prism Optical also offers excellent stereo-microscopes. For frequent use, our SZN71 with its wide 22mm field of view is an excellent choice.

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