Nexcope NE620 Biological Microscope

The Nexcope NE620 compound microscope is an excellent quality workhorse microscope. It offers very high optical performance in at a very affordable price.

Clever Ergonomic Features


Automatic Brightness Switching

One of the stand out features of the NE620 is the automatic brightness control. When the operator changes objectives, the intelligent controller switches the brightness to the last used setting.

Automatic Sleep Timer

The illumination controller also allows for a sleep timer that turns the LED illumination off after a set period.

Excellent Optical Design


NIS Infinity Optical System

The NE620 comes with NIS65 infinity plan achromat objectives and 10x eyepieces with a wide 22mm field of view. Infinity optical systems allow for more colour correction and the easy addition of additional contrast techniques.

Quality Plan Achromat Objectives

Nexcope objectives offer clear, bright and flat images. In addition to the standard 4×, and 10×, objectives, the 40× has a long 1.5mm working distance, and 100× objectives are available in oil or water immersion versions.

Objective Specifications

Objective Type Magnification NA Working Distance
NIS60 Infinity Plan Achromat 0.1 30
NIS60 Infinity Plan Achromat 10× 0.25 10.2
NIS60 Infinity Plan Achromat 40× 0.65 1.5
NIS60 Infinity Plan Achromat 100× 1.1 0.16 Water
NIS60 Infinity Plan Achromat 100× 1.25 0.2 Oil
NIS60 Infinity Plan Phase Contrast 10× 0.25 10.2
NIS60 Infinity Plan Phase Contrast 20× 0.4 4.8
NIS60 Infinity Plan Phase Contrast 40× 0.65 1.5
NIS60 Infinity Plan Phase Contrast 100× 1.25 0.2 Oil

Contrast Options

Phase Contrast Kits

Phase contrast objectives are available in 10×, 20×, 40× and 100× with sliding condenser inserts. The sliders offer a cost effective alternative to the dedicated phase condensers offered by other manufacturers. The kit also includes a centering telescope.

LED Two Band Fluorescence

The fluorescence illumination module offers 3W LED illumination with B, G, U, V (which can be combined) filters. The LED illuminator is permanently centred, has a long 5,000 hour life, and has no warm up or down periods.

Dark Field

A dark field slider is also available.

Technical Specifications

Optical System Infinity colour corrected
Eyepieces 10x/22mm
Viewing Head 30° Inclined Seidentopf Trinocular Viewing Head
Inter-pupillary 47-78mm
Splitting ratio 5:5
Standard Objectives NIS60 Infinity Plan Achromat Objectives
4×, 10×, 40×, 100× oil or 100× water
Nosepiece Coded backward quintuple
Stage Synchronous belt stage
Size: 230 × 150mm
Range: 78 × 54mm
Condensor NA 1.25 Abbe Condensor
Phase Contrast Accessories 10×, 20×, 40× and 100× oil objectives
10× – 40× slider, 100× slider
Phase Contrast centering telescope
Dark field Bright field / Dark field slider
Focus Co-axial coarse and fine control
Coarse range: 37.7mm
Fine range: 0.2mm
Illumination 3W LED with automatic switching and sleep timer
Fluorescence 3W LED two wave range
B, G, U, V filters
C-mount adaptors 1.0× and 0.5×
Accessories Simple polarisation kit (optional), green filter (standard)

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