EX33 Series Biological Microscope



EX33 Series NEW

  • Convenient, comfortable and efficient.
  • The NEW EX33 Biological Microscope is designed for Universities, Laboratories in the field of Biomedicine, Veterinary etc.
  • High quality, excellent optical system, and comfortable to use.
  • Various additional techniques such as Dark Field, Phase Contrast, Polarization, Fluorescence
  • Rechargeable by using a USB Portable Power Source.
  • When connected to mains you can recharge your Cell Phones and Tablets.
  • Adjustable eye-point height by rotating the Binocular head.
  • Wide Field WF 10x(22) eyepieces
  • Objectives infinity Plan Achromatic or semi- apochromatic.
  • Range of C mounts for cameras 0.35x, 0.5x,0.65x,1.0x
  • Double layer rack-less x axis ceramic paint stage with stage clips to hold 2 std slides
  • Bright 3W LED variable illumination


Excellent Optical Performance with infinity corrected optical system:



Adjustable user observation height by rotation of binocular Head:



Use in the field with USB Power pack or recharge your phone




Phase Contrast and Dark Field Observation by slide insertion with appropriate objectives:


Dark Field Observation for 4xto 40x by slide insert:







Fluorescence by LED attachment see details in brochure:





other types of LED modules as per user requirements:

Name Central Wavelength Application module
UV4 long pass LED fluorescent 385nm DAPI/Hoechst 33342
B4 TB-specific module 455nm AuramineO/wtGFP
B1 band pass type intermediate 470nm GFP/FITC
G1 band pass type intermediate 560nm texasRED/Cy3.5


Range of camera mounts and objectives available:

Please download brochure for more technical information.

Download brochure EX33:EX33 pdf

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