Industrial Microscopes

Microscopes for metallurgical, petrographic, environmental, and inspection.


MXFMS Metalurgical Incident light Microscope

A very versatile metallurgical microscope with LWD objectives and BF, DF, DIC, PLM options.

BH200M – Incident Light Microscope

An affordable metallurgical microscope with polarised light, long working distance objectives and incident light.

BH200P – Asbestos Identification

An affordable polarised light microscope ideal for Asbestos Identification and entry-level petrography.

CX40M Metallurgical Microscope

Professional Metallurgical Microscope.

CX40P Polarised Light Microscope

A professional polarised light microscope for even the most demanding applications.


MX-NIR   NEAR INFRARED MICROSCOPE   MX-NIR   NEAR INFRARED MICROSCOPE Industrial Infrared Microscopy imaging system can observe the interior of packaged chips and wafers in real time. The infrared band(900-1700nm) has a wide spectral range, small scattering and strong penetration into silicon wafers. It adopts a wide field illumination and area array detection to achieve wide […]


  IEM200M is an econimical professional inverted metallurgical microscope. Equipped with Long Working Distance Plan Metallurgical Objectives. High quality  mechanical structure, and optics. With coaxial mechanical stage. Trinocular head allows the addition of cameras via C mount. Optical system finity(160mm) colour corrected optical system Viewing head Gemel trinocular,45°inclined,Diopter adjustment ±5 for each side  Interpupillary distance […]

XD30M inverted metallurgical microscope

XD30M inverted trinocular Metallurgical Microscope: The XD30M has colour corrected infinity optical system (CSIS) objectives. High eye point Eyepiece PL10x/22 Long working distance infinity Plan Achromatic objectives,5x,10x,20x,50x,100x Illumination 12V 50W halogen For more information download: XD30M.pdf

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