Gemological Microscopes





M-SVG- LED  Gemmological Microscope with Dark Field and Gem Clamp



Fitted with either SMZ7045 or SZN71 stereoscopic heads, Binocular/Trinocular.


Base 30W Halogen variable

Top light 1w LED on flex arm




Polarizing accessories


Go To Stereo-microscope pages for more information on Zoom Heads: Stereo Microscopes

Download M-SVG-Led Brochure:M-SVG-LED.pdf


SMZ7045T-2LED fitted with (Dark Field Condenser) and (Gem Clamp)






This system has been used by many Gemologists, please note Universal stands etc. are available.


Download information on SMZ7045T-2LED with DF & GC

SMZ7045T for Gem work: SMZ Gemmology SMZ7045 sios.pdf



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