Carl Zeiss Jena components

We were the Australian agents for Carl Zeiss Jena and have a range of Microscope and Slit Lamp and Surgery Microscope accessories available.
Carl Zeiss Jena was also marketed under the name JenaOptik in some countries.

Listed below are some of the items in stock please contact us for special pricing.

Microscopes: A range of objectives for infinity 250 CF series of achromat and plan achromat.

These have  M25x0.75mm thread size (these objectives fit Nikon newer models CFI60s.(may not be par focal)

Various eyepieces and other parts please contact us.

These suited JenaLab, JenaMed, Jenaval stands.

Achromat type:

5x, 10x, 40x, HI 100x

Plan achromat:

2.5x, 10x/0.2, 20x/0.40, 25x/0.5, 40x/0.65, HI 100x/1.30


HI 25x/0.65/0 (oil) POL

HI 50x/1.0/0 (oil ) Sold

PL 90x/0.9/0  (no oil no cover glass)

HI100x/1.30/0 POL


12.5x /0.35 Sold

Plan Apochomatic:

25x /0.65,

FL 50x/0.95, SOLD

(Differential Interference Contrast) Kits, Dark Field Condensers:

Phase kits for Jenamed achromat and Plan achromat may not be complete.

Large Range of phase contrast objectives Achromat and Plan

Jenaval phase kit plan achromatic complete. SOLD

Sedival inverted phase kit Plan achromatic complete.

Sedival Inverted DIK kit complete. SOLD

Jenavert (incident light DIK Kit for Apochromatic   SOLD

Jenamed various Dark field slides and oblique light slides.

JENAVAL Darfield condenser oil type.

JENAVAL Ergonmic adjustable top arm for Bino head SOLD

JENAVAL Drawing Tube fits under Binocular head new in box SOLD

Eyepieces to suit 23mm and 30mm eyepiece tubes, please  contact us.

Binocular heads for 23mm eyepieces.

Fluorescence cubes for JenaMed and Jenaval 510/ 570

Accessories for Carl Zeiss Jena SlitLamp 110.

Endothelium attachment

Scale Viewing attachment

Attachment for measuring thickness of cornea

Attachment for measuring depth of anterior chamber

For Carl Zeiss Jena surgery  microscopes.

Monocular co-observation tubes with beam splitter

Binocular co-observation tube with beam splitter.

Various circuit boards for 214F foot controlled surgery microscope.
Various fibre optic light guides for 212F and 214F models

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