Microscope Light Model L1

Model L1 Mocroscope Lamp with 12V 15 watt halogen reflector lamp This illuminator comes with mounting arm and variable transformer in 4 steps. Supplied with spare bulb. .

SMZ0745T-2L-ISH Series

This is a quality Stereoscopic Zoom Microscope System with Digital USB 2.0 camera mounted on par focal adjustable C mount to make an ideal instrument for teaching and research. Other configurations and stands available. SMZ0745 specifications: WF10x eyepieces Zoom ratio 0.7x-4.5x (7.0 to 45x) Working distance 100mm Illumination 5W LED (very bright)Incident and transmitted independently […]

Orienteering and Outdoor Education

Explore the wonderful world of nature and get close to it. Orienteering is a program of outdoor education using map and compass. Map and compass skills can be further enjoyed through competitive Orienteering. SO-5500030Control Marker-Official Size 30cm x 30cm International colours, weatherproof colours pkts of 10 SO-5500015Control Marker-School 15x15cm pkts of 10 Restricted area size. […]

Mirror Mapping Stereoscope

Geoscope Standard – Mirror Stereoscope Australian Design Award Winner These Stereoviewers have been designed and manufactured with the aim of providing you with quality at an affordable price. Please contact us for pricing details. The materials used including, ABS plastic, chrome surface mirrors and crown glass lenses ensure sharp, clear images and an instrument that […]

General Tools

General Tools Please download attached brochure for more information on General Instruments      General Tools Catalogue.pdf A range of inexpensive tools for various applications of measuring and inspection. These include Vernia Calipers                                                                                         Digital Calipers Micrometers Digital Micrometers Digital and vernier angle protractors Digital Moisture Meters Digital IR Thermometer Digital Themometer/ Hygrometer                                                                                          Digital Airflow Meter Inspection Mirrors                                                                                 LED […]

Carl Zeiss Jena components

We were the Australian agents for Carl Zeiss Jena and have a range of Microscope and Slit Lamp and Surgery Microscope accessories available. Carl Zeiss Jena was also marketed under the name JenaOptik in some countries. Listed below are some of the items in stock please contact us for special pricing. Microscopes: A range of […]

Microscopes for Asbestos Analysis

Fibre counting The Prism Optical EX30 is the ideal microscope for asbestos fibre counting. Combined with a 10× and 40× phase contrast objectives and condenser sliders, a G22 Walton & Beckett graticule, and an HSE/NPL slide, this instrument offers a wide and clear field of view for extended use. We have a range of camera […]


Options include phase contrast, dark field, or both. Low latency HDMI camera and screen.

Veterinary – Clinical

Low cost clinical for frequent use: E5R-T Trinocular : This is ideal for every day use range of cameras can be added. With Plan achromatic objectives: Model EX30 Model EX33 Model CX40 The above models allow Phase Contrast, Polarisation, etc.

Veterinary – Field

Please click on links for more information E5R, EX30R and EX33 are rechargeable

Veterinary – AI

EX30 Microscope Accessories: Phase Contrast Polarisation simple with warm stage, optional carry case. or EX33 microscope

Upright Microscopes

Compound Microscopes Student Microscopes Teaching Microscopes Biological Microscopes Metallurgical Microscopes Polarised Light Microscopes PLMs for Asbestos Labs, Petrography, and Teaching. Compound Microscope Systems Microscopes by Type Microscope Servicing & Repairs Keep your optical instruments in optimal working condition with regular preventative maintenance. Microscope Servicing and Repairs Need Help? Get in touch with any question, big […]

About SIOS

Scientific Instrument & Optical Sales was established in 1970’s and has represented companies now or in the past in scientific instruments such as Prism Optical Microscopes and camera systems. Tucsen Cameras USB, HDMI. Touptek Cameras USB, HDMI,LAN,Wifi In the past we represented Meopta microscopes. Carl Zeiss Jena Microscopes, Ophthalmic, Operating Microscopes, Binoculars etc. Hitachi Scientific, […]

EX33 Series Biological Microscope

    EX33 Series NEW Convenient, comfortable and efficient. The NEW EX33 Biological Microscope is designed for Universities, Laboratories in the field of Biomedicine, Veterinary etc. High quality, excellent optical system, and comfortable to use. Various additional techniques such as Dark Field, Phase Contrast, Polarization, Fluorescence Rechargeable by using a USB Portable Power Source. When […]


  M-E3R-MS Monocular microscope with simple stage with stage clips Rechargeable LED variable illumination Eyepiece WF 10x Objectives achromatic 4x,10x,40x,100x Special Price $330.00 ex GST While stocks last       MT1000 Incident Light Metallurgical Microscope   Upright Metallurgical Microscope incident light. Trinocular microscope with C mount. WF10x(18) eyepieces Long working distance Plan Achromatic Objectives […]

Dissecting tools

Dissecting tools including scalpel handles and blades, forceps, scissors, and much more.


Waterproof abrasive paper, Microscope slides, Cover slips, Immersion oil

Replacement bulb finder

A comprehensive range of replacement bulbs for microscopes, projectors, and other optical instruments.

Products for Naturopaths

Microscopes & accessories for Naturopaths Everything for Naturopaths Please contact us for pricing. Consumables Microscopes Cameras Service and Support Contact us Consumables for Naturopaths Microscopes slides Good quality slides Plain Single sided frosted Double sided frosted Available for online purchase very soon! Coverslips Made in Germany Great quality coverslips from Marienfeld. 22 ⨉ 22mm 22 […]

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