Scalpel Handles & Scalpel Blades

Scalpel Handles

Available in stainless steel for suit all scalpel blades, along with full range of scalpel blades to suit all handles. No3 & 7 handles use blades from  6-17 & No4 handle from 20-26

No. 4 Handle
No. 3 Handle
No.7 Handle

Scalpel Blades

Blades are sold by the box of 100

Our Dissection Kit tools are suitable for studies in zoology, botany, and biology. These quality yet affordable dissecting instruments are designed to improve students’ learning and dissection experience.\

Dissecting Kit:

We offer a full range of instruments for any requirements of student dissecting kits. In addition, we offer the basic kit pictured here.

Kit contains:

  • Zipper wallet
  • 5” Probe/Sharp Scissor
  • 4” Fine Scissor
  • 5” Blunt Forcep
  • 4 ½” Fine Forcep
  • Scalpel Handle #3 & #4
  • Probe, Seek & Needle
  • 6 Scalpel Blades


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