Prism Optical RX50

RX50 Upright microscope with DIC and Fluorescence

High quality and affordable DIC for research and clinical applications.

Full featured research microscope

After years of research and development in optical technology, our RX50 biological microscope has been designed to present a safe, comfortable and efficient experience for operators. With an ergonomically excellent frame, high-definition optical image, and a simple operating system, the RX50 meets all the needs of research in scientific, medical and other fields.

High performance stage

Excellent engineering
Two-way linear driving mechanism protects the stage from overloading at the end of its movement range while also improving rigidity and performance.

Special attention has been paid to the design of the stage. It features anti corrosive and anti-friction surfaces.

Superb ergonomics
Stage movement control stem can be placed on either side of the stage. Controls are in a low position for comfortable operation.

Efficient workflows
The slide holder can safely accommodate two slides at the same time.

Large stage (187 x 168mm) with wide movement range (80 x 55mm precision: 0.1mm).

Robust & versatile frame

Modular frame for excellent versatility
The RX50 has been designed to be modular, woth separated cross arm and main body. This gives the system compatibility with a wide variety of contrast and fluorescence options.

Very sensitive coaxial fous control
Focus control is precise and accurate thanks to a double-stage driving mechanism, adjustable tension and upper limit stop. The coarse range is 25mm and fine is 1μm.

Outstanding viewing head
The viewing head has amazing optical anf engineering features, including a multi stage beam splitter (100:0, 20:80, or 0:100), wide beam imaging system, and a FN26.5mm super wide filed of view.

Other features

Quintuple/sextuple/septuple nosepiece options.

12V100W halogen transmitted light with preset and adjustment-free centering.

N.A.0.9 swing-out type achromatic condenser, with iris diaphragm and aperture scale.

Integrated light barrier to reduce stray light especially when using fluorescence.

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Powerful fluorescence

Multifunctional reflection illumination
The RX50’s rotary filter holder holds 6 fluorescence filters. Switchable and indexed, changing filters is simple and quick.

Filters are made from imported materials and further contributes to drift-free fluorescence micrscopy.

Precise light control
Neutral density filter, field and aperture diaphragms to help shape and moderate the light.

Manual light shutter to totally quench the fluorescence module.

UV blocking light barrier.

Centering objetived to correctly align the the filament centre.

Power control system for mercury lamp
The RX50 has a new digital power control system which indicates operating time and the working state of the mercury lamp.

New power supply and control systems

A new 100W EHV DC mercury lamp house improves thermal management to greatly reduce the surface temperature of the lamp house.
A 75W xenon lamp system is also an option.

Technical specifications

We’ll add this soon. Please download the brochure for technical information.

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