Nexcope NE900 Clinical Microscope

The NE900 series is our best microscope for professional pathology, research and clinical use. Thoughtfully designed and robustly engineered, the NE900 series is set to maximise return on investment, efficient work flows and operator comfort.


In the recommended configuration, the NE900 series has an ergo tilting (0° to 35°) trinocular head with a 3 position beam splitter (0:100, 80:20, 100:0). 30° Siedentopf bi- and trinocular viewing heads are also available.

The co-axial focus controls are in a low position, close to the height and tension adjustable co-axial stage adjustment. The fine focus knobs are magnetically attached so that the large and small profile knobs can be switched easily.

The NE900 series has a large mechanical stage (190 × 152mm) with a durable Gorilla Glass insert. This pairs with a convex point guided slide holder to make placing and removing slides easy. A focus lock function further simplifies your work flow.

Optical Performance

The NE900 series has a bright, flat, and high resolution infinite optical path.

Plan Objectives

The N-PLN plan objectives deliver high contrast images from visible through to NIRS wavelengths.

Fluorescence Objectives

N-PLFN objectives are Apochromatic and designed for fluorescence use from UV through to IR spectra. These are highly sensitive lenses that provide excellent acuity and colour reproduction when viewing directly or for digital imaging.

Phase Contrast Objectives

N-PLM PH are high quality phase contrast objectives that provide a flat, even image over their 25mm FOV when used for bright field or transmitted light techniques.


Very bright SW10x/25 high eye point, super wide field eyepieces are included as standard equipment. Other magnification and field of view options are available as accessories.

Illumination & Condenser

Illumination is provided by your choice of either a 3W LED or a 12v/100w halogen. A swing top condenser (NA 0.9/0.25) reduces time required to reset after changing objectives.

Customisable Platform

The NE910 is highly customisable to match the operator’s preferences. The base configuration includes:

  • tension adjustments for focus and stage movement,
  • magnetically attached fine focus knob for placement on either side,
  • height adjustment for stage movement, and
  • left or right handed placement of the beam splitter control.

At time of ordering, the following options can be specified:

  • light source type (3W LED or 12v 100W Halogen),
  • left or right handed stage movement controls,
  • glass insert type (Gorilla Glass or sapphire crystal glass), and
  • viewing head type
    • 30° Siedentopf Binocular,
    • 30° Siedentopf Trinocular, or
    • 0° to 35° Ergo Tilting Trinocular.

Options, Upgrades & Accessories

The NE900 series is a very well supported platform for multiple techniques. Dark field (dry or oil) condensers, phase contrast, polarizer, and fluorescence kits are all available.

To further improve workflow efficiencies, and ergonomic benefits, the NE930 adds a motorised nosepiece, motorised swing out condenser, and quick change buttons to select objective and light intensity presets.

The NE950 is available for fluorescence microscopy with 6 filter blocks and a 100W mercury illuminator.


The below prices exclude GST and freight. They are for basic configurations, and will change as we adapt them to suit your needs.


  • 30° Fixed Binocular with 100W halogen or 3W LED –
  • 30° Fixed Trinocular with 100W halogen or 3W LED –
  • Tilting Ergo-Head Trinocular with 100W halogen or 3W LED –


NE900 series with auto-swing condenser, sapphire glass condenser, motorised turret and illumination control.

  • 30° Fixed Binocular with 100W halogen or 3W LED –
  • 30° Fixed Trinocular with 100W halogen or 3W LED –
  • Tilting Ergo-Head Trinocular with 100W halogen or 3W LED –


This the fluorescence model – Price on request.


We over a comprehensive two year warranty which covers manufacturers defects. Locally supported, with a commitment to keeping spare parts locally.

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