NIB900 Scientific Research Inverted Microscope

NIB900 Scientific Research Inverted Microscope

Highest quality research grade inverted microscope

The NIB900 features excellent optical performance, a compact frame, and superb ergonomic features. It is capable of supporting multi-disciplinary research applications.

Designed with first-class fluorescence microscopy in mind, the NIB900 delivers very bright, high contrast images, regardless of the contrast technique.


  • Dark field,
  • Phase contrast,
  • Polariser and analyser,
  • Differential interference contrast, and
  • Fluorescence microscopy.


  • Removable 6 position filter mechanism,
  • Height adjustable stage control, and
  • Large, three layer, mechanical stage.

Excellent optics

  • Extra wide 10⨉ FN25 eyepieces,
  • Long working distance condenser, and
  • Three position beam splitter.

High performance fluorescence

  • Vertical illuminator fluorescence,
  • 100W Mercury vapour lamp, and
  • high transmittance, superior coated filters.

Technical information

Technical specifications

Viewing Head Seidentopf type trinocular (with Bertrand Lens), interpupillary distance: 55-75mm
Trinocular Port Three position: 50/50, 100/0, 0/100
Optical System Infinite semi-plan achromatic optical system
Eyepieces 2× SW10× FN25
Objectives Semi plan achromatic phase contrast, DIC, Fluoro 10×/NA 0.2, 20×/NA 0.45, 40×/NA 0.60
Stage Triple layer / Range 130 × 85mm
Focus Coaxial coarse and fine focus / Coarse range: 9mm / Fine precision: 0.001mm
Condenser Long working distance NA 0.55 Abbe condenser with six position filter holder
Illumination Adjustable 12V/100W
Power Supply 240VAC
Cover Yes
Dark Field Yes, optional
Phase contrast Yes, standard
Polarised Light Yes, optional
DIC Yes, optional
Fluorescence Yes, optional
Fluorescence specs 100W Mercury lamp, BG filters, optional UV filters

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