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Microscopes for Asbestos Analysis

Fibre counting

The Prism Optical EX30 is the ideal microscope for asbestos fibre counting. Combined with a 10× and 40× phase contrast objectives and condenser sliders, a G22 Walton & Beckett graticule, and an HSE/NPL slide, this instrument offers a wide and clear field of view for extended use.

We have a range of camera options to assist in documentation.

Fibre identification

The Prism Optical BH200P is an excellent upright polarised light microscope with incident light, intermediate analyser and polariser, eyepiece graticule, slide micrometer, compensators, and de-stressed plan achromat objectives. Center stop or McCrone style objectives can be supplied also.

We also have a variety of Cargille Labs certified refractive index oils. We have a range of camera options to assist in documentation.


We have several stereomicroscope options suitable for use in the lab. The entry level SMZ0745 is a solid workhorse with all of the essential features required by a busy lab.

Our new SZN71 is a step up optically and mechanically. Featuring better quality lenses, a wider field of view (22mm v 20mm on the SMZ0745) and a clever click zoom adjustment to get to known magnification levels for accurate, calibrated measurements.

Both models can be fitted with a high speed HDMI camera and screen to provide additional ergnomic benefit to the operator or to aide in documentation.

Accessories and consumables

Refractive index oils

We stock a range of Cargille Labs certified refractive index oils.

HSE/NPL calibration slide

We generally keep HSE/NPL slides on hand.

Walton and Beckett G22 graticule

We have a range to W&B graticules to suit most brands of microscope, and can get them for almost any model.

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