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Standard Eyepiece Cameras

Great Value Eyepiece Cameras

Eyepiece cameras 23mm dia are a great entry way into digital microscopy and are suitable for use with any microscope including student models. These cameras are placed in the eyepiece tube and connected to a PC or Mac by USB2.0 for image capture, analysis and manipulation.

Importantly, these eyepiece cameras include a 0.5x reducing lens to provide a wider field of view and better image quality. Other eyepiece cameras that do not have this reduction lens will show a more cropped image (less wide field of view). all metal construction glass lenses.

Adapters for 30mmand 30.5mm (ST30R-2LED) are ordered separately if required.

TS-TCN-23/30Adapter for 23mm to 30mm eyepiece tube

TS-TCN-23/30.5Adapter for 23mm to 30.5mm eyepiece tube

SKU Sensor Frame Rate and Resolution Connection Type Optical Attachment Notes
TP-SP505 5MP 1/2.5″ Sony CMOS 26.5 f/sec@2592×1944

USB2.0 23mm
23 to 30mm and 23 to 30.5mm converters available
Has a 0.5x reducing lens built in.


Software: Allows to capture still, Time-laps,avi movies. Image annotation. Image measurement etc.

Imaging techniques such as: EDF (Extended Depth of Field), Image Stitching,(live or from capture images) HDR(from different exposure settings)

EDF sample 10x obj
image stitching example


Higher Performance Eyepiece Cameras

Eyepiece Camera with fast video capture

We also have a USB3 5MP eyepiece camera. This is a cost effective way to add basic video capture functionality to any microscope. However, this model has a smaller field of view (greater magnification) than what you’d see through the same eyepiece as it does not include a reduction lens.

SKU Sensor Frame Rate and Resolution Connection Type Optical Attachment Notes
TP-SP305000A 5MP 1/2.5" CMOS 15@2560×1920
USB3 23.3 to 30mm and 23.2 to 30.75mm converters available No reduction built in

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