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Kestrel 3000 Weather Meter

Kestrel Meter 3000 Red 1800x1800

Targeted toward and practically required for wild land firefighters in both fighting fires and controlled burn situations. This Kestrel 3000 model was a principle factor that changed firefighting equipment standards from the previous standard, the belt weather kit. It cut the weight of dated weather packs, confusion, and time, to this minimalist approach that was revolutionary in firefighting, where users live literally depend on the accurate weather data their Kestrel 3000 provides.

NK was the first to provide accurate relative humidity (RH) measurements from a hand-held weather meter, and the Kestrel 3000 features two patents on its humidity measuring sensors.

From the Kestrel 3000’s accurate relative humidity readings, it also calculates the dew point and heat stress index —important information to know when working or playing outdoors in hot and humid conditions.


  • Current Wind Speed
  • Maximum Wind Gust
  • Average Wind Speed
  • Air, Water & Snow Temperature
  • Wind Chill
  • Relative Humidity
  • Heat Stress Index
  • Dewpoint

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Kestrel 3500 Weather Meter

Kestrel Meter 3500 Yellow 1800x1800

The Kestrel 3500 is the most powerful of the Kestrel 3000 series, measuring temperature, wind speeds, barometric phenomena and pressure trends for up to 3 hours or even longer if needed. The Kestrel 3500 is perfect for the user who needs important weather data, but who doesn’t require the ability to store the numbers for review at a later time. The Kestrel 3500 handheld meter was designed with the same simplicity of the Kestrel 1000 in mind, but with the ability to do much more advanced tasks included in its design.

The Kestrel 3500 NV, with night-vision preserving backlight, was launched in 2005 in response to military personnel and pilot’s requests for a handheld meter that would help them to sustain natural night vision when using it. The Kestrel 3500 NV’s backlight are much dimmer than the lights found in most electronic devices, making it difficult to see with the naked eye during nighttime operations. The backlight uses an optical filter to reduce brightness and minimize the blue and green spectrum light. By utilizing this type of backlight technology, the Kestrel 3500 NV is the best choice for preserving night vision.


  • Barometric pressure
  • Altitude
  • Relative humidity
  • Heat stress index
  • Dewpoint
  • Wet bulb temperature
  • Wind chill
  • Air, water, and snow
  • Current wind speed
  • Average wind speed
  • Maximum wind gust
  • Real-time clock

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SKU: KES-0835
SKU: KES-0835NV  Kestrel 3500 with Night Vision (back light)

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