General Dressing Scissors

This is just a selection of some scissors that Scientific Instruments have available. Please contact us with your requirements

Please ask aboy various lengths of the same design.

K13-110 13cm Dressing Scissor Sh/Bl Str.

K13-112 14cm Dressing Scissor Sh/Bl Str.
K13-114 15cm Dressing Scissor Sh/Bl Str.
K13-116 17.5cm Dressing Scissor Sh/Bl Str.
K13-118 20cm Dressing Scissor Sh/Bl Str.

K13-140 13cm Dressing Scissor . Sh/Bl. Cvd

K13-144 15cm Dressing Scissor . Sh/Bl. Cvd

K13-146 17.5cm Dressing Scissor . Sh/Bl. Cvd

K13-182 Mayo Scissor, 15cm Str

Various lengths available

K13-240 Metzenbaum-Nelson, 18cm Str
K13-540 Strabismus Eye Sciss.11.5, Str
K13-482 Sims Uterine Scissor, 20cm Blunt/Blunt


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