Mosaic V2 Image Capture and Analysis Software

Mosaic V2 is the latest camera control and image acquisition software designed by Tucsen. Image capture, manipulation, and analysis, including measurment and annotation, is available on all current Tucsen cameras.

Mosaic uses makes use of the additional signal processing power and data transfer rates in the Michrome and Truechrome cameras to offer “revolutionary computational imaging”. These features include extended depth of field, live stitching, and even automated cell counting.

Computational Imaging

Live Extended Depth of Field

Extended Depth of Field is a clever, simple, and reliable replacement to old and cumbersome Z-stacking hardware. While the operator moves the fine focus from deepest to the shallowest points of the specimen, Mosaic finds the in-focus portions of the image and automatically joins them together into a seemless image.

Live Image Stitching

Live stitching is another method of capturing more information into a single image, and works like the panorama feature on your mobile. By slowly moving the stage controls (X and Y), Mosaic seemlessly joins the smaller image captured by the camera into a larger, more detailed image.

Automatic Counting

Auto counting has previously only been a feature of much more specialist software. It’s been tricky to use. Mosaic now offers a simple and reliable way to accurately count and measure descrete artifacts in a specimen, in as few as 8 mouse clicks.


Advanced Imaging Features

Fluorescent Image Compositing

Easily overlay and merge images with different fluorophores.


Clean up and restore images with the built-in blind deconvolution function. The number of iterations and kernel size can be choosen.

Filters and Smoothing

Captured images can easily be binaryised, smoothed, or dyed (simulated). Additionally, filter colours can selected, added and removed.

Standard Imaging Features

Calibrated Measurement

Mosaic adds very good measurement functions to any supported camera. Lines, polygons, circles, and angles can all be measured and exported to a new image file, Excel spreadsheet, or CSV file.

By completing a calibration for each known objective magnification (or step in Stereomicroscopes), accurate measures can be taken in a number of units.


Lines, text and arrows can also be added to an image. This allows a simple commentary of findings or areas of interest. Colours and weights can be adjusted, and labels and lines can be moved independently.

Grids and Scales

Quick dead reckoning can be achieved with an adjustable grid overlay. The number of horizontal and vertical lines can selected, and the colour and weight can be adjusted.

Also, scale bar can be added when one or more measurements has been made.

EDF, image stitch, and auto count existing imges

EDF and Image Stitching can be done on all cameras. The GT series can’t do these functions live, but Mosaic V2 will merge multiple existing images using the Advanced Computation Imaging features.

Image and export file formats


Images can be saved as TIFF, PNG or JPG.

  • TIFF is a high fidelity uncompressed image format ideal for analysis and high resolution print publication.
  • PNG is a lossless compressed image format ideal for archiving, and online pubication.
  • JPG is a lossly compressed image format, idea where reference is important, but image fidelity is less important than disk size.

Data Export

All measurements can be exported in Excel and CSV formats.

CSV is a simple but near universal format for data, and might the easiest way to import data into specialist data analysis tools.

Simplified Reports

Mosaic simplifies lab notes and reports. A simple PDF document which can include the main image information, a measurement data table, as well as a class count data table.

Project name, Sample name, Author, and notes can also be added. These reports are created independently of the saved images.

Feature Comparison

GT Michrome Truechrome FL Dhyana
Computational Imaging Features
Extended Depth of Field
Live Stitching
Auto Counting
Advanced Imaging Features
Fluorescence Compositing N/A1
Deconvolution 1
Filters and Smoothing
Standard Imaging Features
Calibrated measuremnt
Grid and Scales

1 – Mosaic offers the Fluorescence and Decovolutions options when a GT series camera is connected, but these cameras are not designed for this purpose. They may not collect enough light for useful images.

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