Silva Compasses

Silva compasses have been the benchmark of field type compasses for many years, with a large range to suit most applications from Orienteering, Hiking, Kayaking, etc.

Silva Field 7

One of the worlds most purchased compass
Perfect compass for land navigation.
Scale 1:50000 & 1:25000P/No 36785

P/No 36989

Cases(empty) for 28 compasses available P/n 37163

Silva Ranger 3

Classic base plate compass with built in magnifier.
Standard compass for Scouts.
Base plate larger than type 7.
Perfect compass for land navigation.

Scale 1:50000 & 1:25000
P/No 36985

cases(empty) of 28 compasses available
P/No 37163

Silva Ranger S  (replaces Ranger 16)

Mirror sighting compass with friction hinge.
Mirror with sighting hole for more accurate bearings.
Scale mm & inch.

P/No 36825

Silva Ranger SL (replaces Ranger 27)

Small mirror sighting compass.
Can be clipped to your jacket with safty pin.
So you can keep both hands free and check your Direction. The ideal safety compass.

Built in sun dial

P/No 34952

Silva Expedition 4

Larger baseplate compass with extra scales
Magnifier mm & inch scales
1:63.360 1:50000 1:25000 scales

Ideal map compass.

P/No 35691

Silva Expedition 54

Larger base plate compass as above with sighting capsule.
This has a precision sighting prismatic inbuilt in capsule.
Accuracy of 0.5 degree, ideal for mapping or trekking.
Bearings can then be transferred to the map to find your position.

Magnifier mm & inch scales

1:63.360 1:50000 1:25000 scales

P/No 35852

Silva Expedition S (replaces 15TDCL)

This mirror sighting compass is often regarded as the superior bush walking compass.

It enables you to take accurate bearings and transfer them to your map without additional protractors or visa versa.

You can offset magnetic deviation so all bearings are true.

Inbuilt clinometer for measuring slopes. For geological use

The compass for going BUSH with safety.

Mirror has centre line and sighting hole for accurate bearings.

P/No 36827 or with level bubble P/No 36846


Silva 58

The small steering compass that can be mounted in car or boat.

Built in compensators and 12V lighting.

With baseplate mounting for easy removal.

Can be mounted from the roof.

P/No 35730

Silva 58 Kyak

A small lightweight compass with rubber and clips to attach to the decklines of a kyak.

This makes it easy to check your headings without letting go of the paddle.

P/No 36528

Silva 70 UN

The steering compass that can be mounted or used as a hand bearing compass.
Can be used in boats, kayaks or microlights etc.
Supplied with mounting bracket that the compass can be slid out of to use as a sighting compass to get your bearings.


P/No. 35017

Silva 70UNE

As above with battery illumination


P/No. 35014

Silva 70P

This is a bulk head type mounting compass with 360 deg

Forward and aft rotation. Approx. 35 deg side movement.

Ideal for bulkhead type mounting.

P/No 34992

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