Miry Map Boards

Part number Description
Miry-BP11WR25.4 Miry Bike PRO map holder for bars 25.4mm dia
Miry-BP11WR31.8 Miry Bike PRO map holder for bars 31.8mm dia
Miry-SP11WR Miry Ski & Kayak worn on chest
Miry-11WR-B Replacement Board for 11WR
Miry-11WR-PC Replacement plastic cover for 11WR
Miry-JOJO JO JO card holder with retractable string
S-34934 Silva type 19L map compass
PI-2768 Digital map measure
Miry Bike PRO 11WR 27.5 x 27.5 cm JO JO is a retractable card holderMaking it easier to punch your control card.
Map Meas PI-2768
Silva card Punches PI-2768 Digital Map measure Silva Control Markers

Miry Price List pdf:Miry retail price List July 2016

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