Hand Magnifiers

A selection of Magnifiers for all types of applications.
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G-2732   23mm dia, 10x magnification folding metal loupe

Carton brand
G-2733    10x Achromatic 17.45mm dia lens,
folding metal loupe, Carton  brand.

G-2734 20x Achromatic folding metal loupe,17.45mm dia,
RG1021 Triplet 10x& 20x (18 & 12)
R-G1081 Gem Loupes Triplet 10x (21mm),
R-G1020 Gem Loupes Triplet 20X (21mm)
10x Plastic Loupe, 21mm
R-GM1021i-P 10x Triplet 21mm diameter lens
Illumination 6x LED’s
Supplied in Faux lether case
R-GM1018i10x doublet 21mm diameter lens.
illumination 1 LED Supplied in plastic case.
Linen Tester – in precision design.
Brass body, chrome plated, semi-matt
Silicate glass lenses.
1254 – 12x
1255 – 10x
1256 – 8x
1258 – 6x
1259 – 5x
A variety of Linen Testers available.
Watchmakers Loupes
G-8005 – 2X, 2.5X, 3X
G-8008 – 12X double lens

                            M-SM210304 -10x doublet with handle 28mm dia

                                               metal handle , glass lenses.


Bi-convex lightweight lens
Batteries: 2 AA batteries,
1571     6x ( ideal for iridology)
1572     3.5x
LED illumination is now also available in hand-held magnifiers
15101-04 LED illumination
Magnification: 10x
Dioptre: 38D
Illumination: LED
Lens Size: 35 mm
Lens Type: Aspheric
Bulb (Included)
Power Source: 2 AA Batteries (Included)
All 1510 series magnifiers come with a protective lens cover
Magnification: 10x
Dioptre: 38D
Illumination: Incandescent
Lens Size: 35 mm
Lens Type: Aspheric
Case: 1500-1 (Optional)
Case Material: Nylon
Bulb: 1544 (Included)
Power Source: 2 AA Batteries (Included)


60mm Glass Lens Magnifier with metal frame, magnification 2.5x


G-5013 G-5013  Hand magnifier dual magnifications

Acrylic lens, magnification is 2.5X, Dia. 88mm,

Dia. of the 4x  inside lens is 21mm.



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