Microscope DARK FIELD

PRO2010 DF with HDMI
PRO2010 DF with HDMI


The PRO 2010 is an excellent high powered microscope for Dark Field application for water or live blood viewing application.

When coupled with the Truechrome HDMI camera that has simultaneous HDMI and USB application, clients can see the screen and images can be saved into computer or onto onboard SD card.

Main Features:

  • Super bright 10W LED in base (little heat)
  • HDMI camera 60f/sec (no jitter) full 1080P (1920 x1080) simultaneous HDMI/USB output
  • Efficient Dark Field condenser
  • High quality Plan achromatic objectives the PL 100x with iris diaphragm
  • Coupler 0.65x C mount adjustable to ensure parfocality with eyepieces.

This microscope was developed to do Dark field microscopy. Other cameras can be substituted depending on users application.

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Please click on images taken with PRO2010 and Truechrome HDMI camera to see at full resolution.

IMG00005Live blood 2

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