EX30-DF Biological Microscope

The Prism Optical EX30-DF is a very cost effective, very good quality dark field microscope. Designed for simple dark field microscopy, it provides simple, oil-free dark field observation upto 40⨉ objective magnification.

  • No mess

    The EX30 is capable of producing useful images without oil on either condenser or the objective. Combined with a good high resolution camera, specimen can be observed with clarity both through the eyepieces or on screen.

  • No fuss

    Using a standard (non-oil) condenser allows for additional observation techniques. Simply move a slider in or out of the condenser to switch between bright and dark field.

  • Upgradable

    The EX30 is also an excellent phase contrast microscope, and can used at 100⨉ with a phase contrast objective and phase condenser (or slider). Phase used to be very expensive, but is now an approachable and sensible option for increased contrast of translucent specimen.

System prices and options

  • Recommended configuration

    • Prism Optical EX30,
    • 3W LED illumination,
    • Dark field slider,
    • TP-105 USB3 camera and c-mount adapter,
    • 3 year microscope warranty,
    • 1 year camera warranty.

    Please ask for quotation

  • Upgrade options

    • TP-105100A 5MP  USB3 camera
    • Michrome 6 camera
    • HD Lite HDMI Camera
    • Truechrome Metrics HDMI and USB camera
    • 20⨉/100⨉ Phase Contrast Kit
    • 10⨉, 40⨉, 100⨉, DF, BF Condenser with Circluar Phase Contrast Kit.

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