SZX12 Parallel Light Zoom Stereo Microscope

Versatile stereomicroscope with multiple illumination options

Illumination and stand options for industry, life science and research

Bright and flat transmitted light

with adjustable colour temperature

High contrast oblique illumination

with LED and Halogen options

Shadow free LED ring

200 LEDs with adjustable brightness
Clockwise: easy to reach brightness control, light intensity and colour indicator, warm 3200K illumination, cool 5600K illumination.
Optional ergonomic arm rests, easy to adjust oblique mirror adjustment.
Adjustable 200 LED ring light for shadow-free images

Highest quality optics for perfect imaging and superior ergonomics

Wide zoom range, common main objective design, apochromatic glass lens elements, and wide FN32mm 10X eyepieces

High eye-point wide field eyepieces

The SZX12 comes with wide FN23mm 10X eyepieces with independent diopters. 15X and 20X eyepieces are also available, and a wide variety of graticules can be fitted.

Common main objective

CMO microscopes provide a high quality and accurate image, while also minimising operator fatigue.

Detented zoom for reproducible measurements

Features a detented zoom range so that measurements can be taken accurately at a number of known reproducible zoom steps.

Apochromatic design

The SZX12 ensures all colours focus at the same point created a sharp, high contrast image.

Extra-wide zoom range

Features a large zoom ratio from 0.8X to 10X, with click stop for every major zoom step which can be manually bound for smooth zoom magnification.

Aperture diaphragm adjustment

The built in aperture diaphragm allows for increasing contrast and depth of field

Ergonomic tilting head

An optional tilting head can be supplied. The tilting range is 5-45° which allows us by multiple operators in a sit-stand work station

Technical Specifications

Optical Specifications

Eyepiece 10X/23mm 15X/16mm 20X/12.5mm
Main Objective Magnification Field of View Magnification Field of View Magnification Field of View
1.0X 8X-100X 2.875-0.23 12X-150X 1.33-0.106 16X-200X 0.78-0.06
2.0X 16X-200X 1.43-0.115 24X-300X 0.67-0.053 32X-400X 0.39-0.031

General Information

Viewing Head Tilting trinocular viewing head, 5-45° adjustable; binocular: trinocular= 100:0 or 0:100; interpupillary distance 50-76mm; fi×ed eyepiece tube with lock screw
30° inclined trinocular head; binocular: trinocular=50: 50; interpupillary distance 50-76mm; fi×ed eyepiece tube with lock screw
Eyepiece High eye-point wide field plan eyepiece PL10×23mm, diopter adjustable
High eye-point wide field plan eyepiece PL15×16mm, diopter adjustable
High eye-point wide field plan eyepiece PL20×12.5mm, diopter adjustable
Zoom range Zoom range: 0.8x-10x, zoom ratio: 12.5: 1; built-in aperture diaphragm;
Click stop positions for 0.8x, 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x, 10x
Main objective 1× main objective, working distance 78mm
2× main objective, working distance 20mm
Body Coarse and fine coa×ial focus system, integrated body with focus holder, coarse range: 50mm, fine precision 0.002mm
Base Plan base without illumination, with black and white plate (dia.100mm)
Plan base with transmitted illumination (work with e×ternal 5W LED fiber); built-in 360 degree rotatable mirror, location adjustable
Ultra-thin base, multi-LED (5W), with digital readout of light intensity and color temperature (3200~5600K)
Illumination 5W LED light bo× (size: 270×100×130mm) with single fiber (500mm), color temperature 5000-5500K; operating voltage 100-240VAC/50-60Hz, output 12V
LED ring lamp (200 LEDs)
Camera adapter 0.35×/0.5×/0.65×/1× C-mount

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