SMZ7045 Stereomicroscopes

Excellent Value Stereomicroscopes for Dissection, Embryology, Gemmology, Industrial and Quality Assurance Work

Stereoscopic Zoom Microscopes are a key tool in many settings requiring close inspection of small subjects. Compared to compound microscopes, they offer a long working distance. With separate light paths for each eyepiece, the depth of the subject can be seen.

Prism Optical Stereo Microscopes offer outstanding optics with a sharp, high contrast image, at a very affordable price. Specified to be used in the field, these are suitable to be transported in foam-lined cases.

Viewing Heads Options

The SMZ0745 Stereoscopic Microscope range includes binocular, trinocular with a 100:0/0:100 beam splitter, and a trinocular with a permanent 50:50 beam splitter head.

Standard configurations includes two 10x widefield eyepieces which gives a total magnification range of 6.7x to 45x with a 100mm working distance.

Technical Specifications

  Description Options
Eyepieces Wide field high eye point dioptre adjustment eyepieces. Graticule ready. Magnification / Field of View
  • WF10X / 20mm (standard)
  • WF15X / 16mm
  • WF20X / 12mm
Viewing Head Ergonomics
45° inclination, 360° rotation
Left and right handed focus adjustment

Inter pupillary Distance: 5476mm

Objective Magnification: 0.67X–4.5X
Objective Working Distance: 100mm
Trinocular (Beam Split 100:0 or 20:80)
Trinocular (Beam Split 50:50)

Magnification Specifications

  10× / 20mm 15× / 15mm 20× / 10mm
  Working Distance Zoom Level Magnification View Field Magnification View Field Magnification View Field
Standard 100mm Min 28.6mm 10.5× 21.1mm 14× 14.3mm
  Max 4.5× 4.4mm 67.5× 3.3mm 90× 2.2mm
With 0.5x Aux. Lens 165mm Min 3.5× 57.1mm 5.25× 42.8mm 28.6mm
  Max 22.5× 8.9mm 33.75× 6.7mm 45× 4.4mm
With 1.5x Aux. Lens 45mm Min 10.5× 19mm 15.75× 14.3mm 21× 9.5mm
  Max 67.5× 3mm 101.25× 2.2mm 135× 1.5mm
With 2x Aux. Lens 30mm Min 14× 14.3mm 21× 10.7mm 28× 7.1mm
  Max 90× 2.2mm 135× 1.7mm 180× 1.1mm

Stand Options

(w × d × h) mm
Wall Mount? Reflected Transmitted Tool Post? Discs
Pillar Stand 210 × 305 × 310
Base height: 25
No Optional No No Black/White Opaque
Large Pillar Stand   No Optional No No Black/White Opaque
Two LED Pillar Stand 210 × 280 × 360
Base height: 65
No Yes (5W) Yes (5W) Yes Black/White Opaque, Translucent White Acrylic, Ground glass
Universal A (Single Arm)   No Optional No No No
Universal B (Dual Arm) Base: 210 × 255 × 435
Total: 590 × 350 × 435
No Optional No No No
Flex Type 7   Optional Optional No No No


SMZ7045T for Gemmology application see brochure : SMZ Gemmology SMZ7045 sios.pdf

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