SMZ7045B(T)-Univ B

SMZ7045T-UnivB SMZ7045B-UnivB

The SMZ0745B(T)-Universal B Zoom Stereoscopic Microscope has the following features.

High quality optical performance, with all metal mechanical construction.

Mounted on Dual arm Universal stand model B, that provides extra flexibility.

  • Zoom range: 0.7x to 4.5x   (i.e. 7.0x to 45x with WF 10x eyepieces.)
  • Eyepieces: WF10x / 20mm
  • Working Distance: 100mm
  • Field of view: 28.5 to 4.5 mm as standard configuration.


  • SMZ7045-WF15x orWF20x eyepieces
  • SMZ7045-0.5X Supplementary lens (WD165mm)
  • SMZ7045-1.5X Supplementary lens (WD 47mm)
  • SMZ7045-2.0X Supplementary lens  (WD 26mm)
  • SMZ-STR Straight tube 23mm dia
  • SMZ7045-CTV C mount 0.35x,0.5x,0.65x,1.0x
  • ST-DF Dark Field Condenser for transmitted illumination (for type 2L base)
  • ST-GC Gem Clamp to hold gems
  • SZ-L1 Illuminator 12V 15 w with variable transformer
  • FRL-8W-58 Illuminator Fluorescence ring 8w
  • M-YKB-144T Circular LED illuminator 144 LED’s variable
  • Fibre Optic lights and other LED ring lights are available please ask for pricing.






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