Industrial microscopes

CX40P Polarised Light Microscope

The Prism Optical Pro CX40P is a high quality upright polarised light microscope suited for regular professional analysis. The new CX40 frame is matched with excellent optics and fine engineering. This is a configurable platform, with several destressed plan objectives options (long work distance metallurgical or standard).

Prism Optical pro CX40M  Metallurgical Microscope

CX40M Metallurgical Microscope

CX40MProfessional Metallurgical Microscope. with incident and transmitted light

Brightfield / Darkffield/ DIC viewing techniques available click on image for more information.

Prism Optical Pro MXMFS Metallurgical Microscope

MXFMS is a versatile Incident light metallurgical microscope on a pillar stand. Fibre optic illumination with bright and Dark-field illumination with DIC available.

MXFMS Metallurgical Microscope

BH200P – Asbestos Identification

Affordable PLM for Asbestos Identification.
The Prism Optical BH200P is the polarised light microscope variant of the BH200 family. It is ideal for medium duty lab usage, and can be used in field.
The standard configuration includes:

10×/20mm eyepieces, one with graticule
4×, 10×, and 40× plan de-stressed objectives
Optional: 10× objective with central stop (McCrone style)
Trinocular viewing head
6v 30w Halogen

BH200M – Incident Light Microscope

BH200M Incident Light Microscope is an instrument specifically designed for metallurgical work. It has a large frame and stage platform which makes it a better option for frequent use as it is easier to place and move specimen, while also maintaining operator comfort.
Optically and mechanically, the BH200M is an excellent choice.

Inverted metallurgical Microscopes


XD30M Inverted Metallurgical Microscope:

ICX41M inverted metallurgical microscope
ICX41M inverted metallurgical microscope

ICX41M Inverted Metallurgical Microscope


HDMI Cameras with measurement capabilities

2D Truechrome Metrics

3D TMetricsC20


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