PUMO2A Digital Microscope


PUMO2A Metal Microscope with 2MP (1920×1080)@ 30f/ps camera with  quality optics.

Software for Windows 7,8,10 32/64 bit & Macintosh. 

  • Software allows for measurement, annotation,Capture Still Movie and Time Lapse.
  • EDF “Extended Depth of Field” i.e. focus from top to bottom of specimen to create a in focus image.
  • Image Stitching: move object slowly around so one large image can be generated.
  • HDR i.e. capturing images of different exposure to create one correctly exposed image.

Magnification 10-200x on 17” screen

The track stand (Metal) for handheld microscope with focus mount has the following basic characteristic

  • Oxidized silver aluminium alloy;
  • Focus knob inherited from the traditional microscope to focus at ease;
  • Silicon rubber ring to protect the handheld microscope;
  • Holding screw to hold the microscope;
  • Stable to ensure capturing the clear video and image;
  • Overall dimensions:150mmX80mmX135mm;
  • Plate dimensions: 150mmX80mm;
  • Rack focus with 60mm range;
  • Magnification 10x-200x on screen 17”

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