A 4K system in both camera and screen providing excellent resolution:


                                            Macro Imager

• AFDM411 Mouse Controlled Continuous Zoom and Auto-focus Digital Microscope

• 5 groups 16 elements EMZO with 0.028~0.56X, 20 zoom ratio, supports auto and manual focus
• 192mm standard working distance with 150~195mm depth of field
• At standard working distance, the large field of view 200mm*112.5mm at low magnification, helping users to
quickly locate the target object, the small field of view 10mm*5.6mm at higher magnification,
helping users to observe microscopically
• Sony 1/2.8” 4K Starvis CMOS with high signal-to-noise ratio
• 4K HDMI/USB/ETH/WiFi multiple video outputs
• 4K/1080P auto switching according to monitor resolution
• SD card/USB flash drive for captured image and video storage, support local preview and playback
• Built-in mouse control software XFCAMView, all functions can be realized with USB mouse
• Embedded mouse Camera Control Panel, Measurement Toolbar, Synthesis Control Toolbar, AF Control Panel
• Multi-language support
• Head suction LED ring light, the brightness can be directly controlled by XFCAMView
• With the adapter bracket of 76mm diameter, a electric controlled continuous zoom AFDM can be built

AFDM Camera Module Datasheet

Order Code Sensor & Size(mm) Pixel(μm) G Sensitivity
Dark Signal
FPS/Resolution Binning Exposure
2.9×2.9 921 mv with 1/30s
0.15 mv with 1/30s
1×1 0.06ms~918ms
1.45×1.45 300mv/0.13 with 1/30s 30@3840*2160(HDMI)
1×1 0.04~1000




AFDM Lens Module Datasheet

Order Code Working Distance(mm) Zoom Range MTF(lp/mm) Distortion FOV@1.0X(mm) FOV@20X(mm
EMZO20XA 156-196 0.028X~0.56X 160 0.5% 200×112.5mm 10×5.6mm

               TP-AFDM411-SYS information pdf:TP-AFDM 411sys

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