Nexcope Slide Scanner

The Best Value Automated Slide Scanner in Australia

The Nexcope Slide Scanner is amazing value. It meets or exceeds the recommendations of the the Royal Australian College of Pathologists for a fraction of the price of the competition.

Key features:

  • 5 Slide capacity
  • 20x and 40x magnification with a Plan Apochromat objective (NA 0.75)
  • 40 second focus & scan time (15mm x 15mm area of interest)

Its small physical size and low price brings advanced digital microscopy to more places.

They have designed this instrument to fit into existing workflows. It quickly outputs high optical and digital resolution images in open formats and handles multiple barcode formats. Z-stacking is built in for simple extended depth of field.

Deleted: Multi-sample slides are also no problem. When more than one sample is placed on a slide, the instrument automatically finds them, independently scans them, and then digitally stitches them together.

This is a very capable instrument at an incredible price. We have flexible purchase and lease options available, and can offer aggressive pricing on fleet purchases.

Download a brochure.

Nexcope NSS–6
Slide Capacity 5
X/Y axis motion resolution 100nm
Z axis motion resolution 50nm
Repositioning accuracy 0.1 µm
Scan type high speed linear scanning
Area of interest size 15mm x 15mm
Scan time < 40 sec
Objective 20× and 40× NA 0.75
Objective type Plan apochromat
Scan resolution (pixel size) 20× – 0.48µm
40× – 0.24µm
Output formats JPEG, JPEG2000, BMP, TIFF, DICOM
Illumination system Custom LED
System requirements (minimum) Intel Core i7, 1.6GHz, 16MB RAM, 2TB HDD, 24″ monitor, Windows 10

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