Digital microscopes

DMSZ7 Digital Inspection Microscope


High Definition camera built in with 4.0 Mega Pixel, providing clear sharp image of excellent colour resolution.

High frame rate of 30fps satisfying demand for speed and quality.

Adjustable Zoom lens of 0.7x-5x magnification 7:1.

Working distance is 170mm

The Flat base stand allows focusing up to 225mm.

2 Versions available with or without attached HD Monitor



Model DMSZ7P
Body Zoom Lens 0.7x-5x built in camera with HDR. 4.0 mega pixel camera. 16G memory. HDMI/USB2.0 simultaneous output. Support for SD card/wireless mouse or keyboard
Screen IPS touch screen 28.5cm, viewing angle adjustable -5 to 15 degree
Main Objective 1x objective WD= 105mm 1.4x objective WD= 100mm 0.5x objective  WD= 170mm
Illumination LED ring light 56 bulbs intensity adjustable5000-5500K
Base Large base, adjustable range 225mm
Accessories 1.5m USB cable: HDMI 5m cable


Android based with manual image analysis for measuring

length, circle, angles, graduated cross grid,


annotation etc.

Also via USB computer software provided.


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