Microscopes for Pathology

Nexcope is a new microscope manufacturer that has its eyes set on disrupting the professional microscope markets. They have recently introduced a number of instruments that will offer significant savings for Pathology providers with no optical or ergonomic compromises. The NE900 series compound microscope is an affordable and versatile high grade clinical microscope, and the new Nexcope Digital Pathology Slide Scanner offers full featured, multi-slide scanning for the best price ever.

Nexcope NE910 with Ergo Tilting Head

NE Family

The Nexcope NE900 series has been a welcomed addition to the clinical microscope market. Designed to meet or exceed the performance of brand name microscopes, but at a fraction of the price.

Supported contrast techniques:

  • bright field,
  • dark field (oil and dry),
  • simple polarised,
  • phase contrast,
  • DIC, and
  • multi-band Hg fluorescence.

Ergonomic features:

  • ergonomic tilting head,
  • 1″ stage lowering block,
  • interchangeable fine focus knob,
  • low position focus control, and
  • height adjustable low position left or right handed stage controllers.

Automation options:

  • motorised turret,
  • push button objective and illumination selection,
  • push button objective advance and back control,
  • motorised swing-top condenser, and
  • motion detection, 30 minute auto sleep.
Configuration Options 
ObjectivesPlan Achromat, phase contrast plan achromat, fluorescence plan apochromat
Eyepieces10×/25, 10×/22, 12.5×/17.5, 15×/16, 20×/12, de-stressed 10× for pol., phase contrast telescope
Viewing headsBinocular 30°, trinocular 30°, ergo tilting trinocular 0 – 35°
C-mountsPhoto adapter, 1x c-mount, 0.5x c-mount
CondensersSwing-top NA 0.9/0.25, rotary phase contrast, dark field (dry), dark field (oil), long distance condenser, DIC condenser, auto swing condenser
Contrast devicesDIC, Phase contrast condenser, dark field condensers, polariser and analyser kits, Hg Vapour fluorescence illumination and filters, compensators
Illumination3W LED, 12v 100W Halogen
StageDouble layer mechanical stage 190 × 152 × 32mm, Double layer mechanical stage 190 × 152 × 54mm
Stage movement controlLeft or right handed
Stage clipOne or two slide holder
Stage insertSapphire or Gorilla Glass

Nexcope Digital Pathology Slide Scanner


The new Nexcope Digital Pathology Slide Scanner is the best value small format slide scanner. It handles up to 5 slides at a time, scanning and focusing on each in 40 seconds, at either 20x or 40x (NA0.75) magnification.

It has advanced features like z-stacking and barcode handling built-in as standard. It can even process multi-specimen slides by scanning them independently and stitching the images.

The Nexcope Digital Pathology Slide Scanner is an extremely good value instrument. It meets or exceeds the RCPA Guidelines for Digital Microscopy[][#RCPA1].

ObjectivesPlan Apochromat 20× & 40×
Numerical ApertureNA 0.75
Slide capacity5 slides, multiple samples per slide
Focus and Scan time40 seconds per sample
Sample scan area15mm × 15mm
IlluminationCustom LED light source
Motion controlMaglev linear motor X & Y resolution 100nm, Z resolution 50nm
Barcode supportYes
Image formatJPEG, JPEG2000, BMP & TIFF

[#RCPA1]: RCPA 2015. Guidelines For Digital Microscopy In Anatomical Pathology And Cytology. [online] Available at: https://www.rcpa.edu.au/Library/Practising-Pathology/NCRPQF/Docs/Guidelines-for-Digital-Microscopy-in-Anatomical-Pa [Accessed 18 March 2020].

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